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wot's going on ere then ?

Les Brock

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Last week the Disco dropped all the fluid into the bellhousing, took out the slave and its fupped :D

Fitted a new one today.......and I get absolutly no fluid out of the master Cylinder, Removed it and when I put my finger over the end and push the rod you get pressure...

Stripped it all down, fluid runs into the chamber with no piston in there, but it seems that it won't allow any in once its back together..even with the outlet pipe disconnected

Never had both master and slave go at the same time ?

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You might have an air trap in the master cylinder Lesmund. Re-fit the master and fill it, get sandbag to press pedal, put your delicate little pinky over the hole where the pipe normally is, then get sandbag to releases pedal. Do this a couple of times until fluid squits out under pressure/sanbag moans about calf muscle aching, then reconnect pipe and bleed as normal. Take truck for test drive and buy moaney wifey bottle of plonk while you are out to shut her flippin moaning up show how much you love her. :blink:

Les :D

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