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4 Bolt Steering Box Identification & Heater Matrix

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Am I correct in saying Dura Automotive was Adwest at the end pretty much? I'm converting my Pulse to Left Hand Drive (in Angola of all places) and the box they had removed from another defender is a Dura. I will attach a pic of the plate on the box. It doesn't seem to be leaking unlike mine which took 4 litres of engine oil and ep80/90 to get me here.  The three Teflon seals on the input pinion seemingly gone and nobody had them, so rather than buy a box I decided to kick start my LHD conversion a little early. 

The truck it came off 


Im also wondering if the later plastic heater matrix units are ok as the donor is also giving me that item. The dash is coming from at least 3 other vehicles where Ive selected the best bits off 300Tdi and I've not opted for the later square vent cover version as it's not what the truck came with. 


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