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Wobbling and whiring


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This new to me Disco with the Goodyear Wrangler 265/75/16 tyres fitted on aftermarket wheels. :huh:

Are they difficult to balance, and would this be the possible cause of a whirring humming noise and gentleish shaking of the car over 55 mph, or is this something you just have to put up with with these 'monster' tyres?

Just how much will the speedo/mileometer be under reading too?

I assume it is, as the standard wheels and tyres are presumably of much lower rolling radius, yes?

Don't know how to work it out tbh, but feel I need to know so I can adjust my speed accordingly for traffisc speed cameras.

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i cant think what a wrangler tyre looks like tbh, but if its a offroad tread or even an agressive AT then yes you'll probably get some shaking. shouldnt be too bad though i wouldnt have thought.

265/75 should be about 33"? so your speedo is probably 10-12% low as my disco under reads by about 9% on 235/85s. thats checked with GPS before & after fitting the tyres.

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i cant think what a wrangler tyre looks like tbh,

Grizzly! :Dthedisco.jpg

Not easy to see from this piccy, sorry.

Thanks for the estimated under reading figure. I had actually guessed it to be about 10% out.

50+ to 55 really does feel like I'm doing 60.

Wobble/shake only kicks in at 50-55 (indicated), so I guess it is just a balancing issue....hopefully.

Looks the business for my intended new business anyway. ;)

Tyres rubbing on the back edge of the front wing when turning too, even with a 2" lift, (3" on photo, since reduced) and the occasional 'graunch' at the back.

Guess i'm going to have to have the wings cut and arch's fitted.

Is this normal?

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Got 33x12.50/15 scorpian MT on my disco and have tsted against two satnav's.

I get 4 to 5 miles under read on speed pretty much across the board say 40 to 85

Arch's cut with offset rims no rubing except when entering gully on lock.

+2 inch on suspention

hope this helps


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The other thing it could be is radius arm bushes.

Our RR had a major wobbling fault and after having all the wheels balanced for the second time, you could tell it was the back end that started to wobble first!! New set of arm-to-chassis bushes and job done! Sat quite happily at 70ish from Wales to Kent!!

Arch trimming is usual with lifts and bigger tyres... There are various threads if you do a little search! There is even a link in the Tech Archive - for RR ones, but the theory is the same for Discos!!



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