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Service intervals on A 2.5 BMW motor & gen. info with regard to Bu


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Morning RR Forum

Dont often come to this neck-of the-woods

My question is this what are the service intervals on a BMW powered p38 RR

the most important is the Cambelt change

I run a 300tdi rebuild classic landrover (for the weekends) & when i bought it I had the belt changed regardless just to be sure

As Iam looking to buy a late late 2001 p38 with between KMS 90,000 - 140,000 on th clock & with a service history

I was wondering what should i look out for in general

why you ask a p38 as opposed to the post 2002 model?

Tax as the tax on the 3.0 ltr diesel approaches Eur1,000 here where as the 2.5 is a more realistic Eur 650 on the continent.

When I find the right vehicle it will be brought over to bleighty to have a fern-intercooler & chip ubgrade & probably a HID upgrade to the lighting (only a upgrade not on the lights not a later front-end rebuild)

appreciate any constructive help anone can offe

cheers & as always

Happy trails


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No need to worry,the Bmw engine uses a chain not a belt.General things to look for are worn suspension joints,(poor handling)perished/splitting air springs,oil leaks,rust on lower tailgate inner edge and make sure every last electrical function does as it should.In short its probably best to get help to look over it by someone with a good knowledge of these cars - they could save you a small fortune.

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Morning Ally

Many thanks for the reply

Speaking with a local Non authorised LR mechanic he mentioned the electrical problems (quality control issues) with the earlier p38 models

but nice to know the Timing belt (issue) is not quite accute as with the Tdi series

asi mentioned i was going for a 4-5 yr old model and so will obvoiusly be looking for a full service histrory and as little miles (KMS) on the tacho

its just organising a hearts & minds campaign with the management at home now


many thanks & happy trails


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