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Not all is as it seems...alternator...not waterpump...


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Went to Jaca in Spain and back to France. En route heard the telltale squeal of the waterpump bearing. When I lifted the bonnet and listened I had predetermined the waterpump...the noise even was coming from the right place!!.....never even thought to look elsewhere. I was able to limp home and about 2 kms from home the serpintine belt snapped. Free wheeled to my house straight after. Went about taking off the waterpump only to find that the end pulley and fan/vanes on the alternator had worked loose. The squealing was the mini fan/vanes rubbing against the alternator housing with EXACTLY the same noise as a waterpump bearing. The misalignment in the pulleys accounted for the belt later snapping.I had never seen this before,but that does`nt mean its not common,so I just thought I`d report it here for future reference!!....

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