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K Series head gasket modification information


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Good article, Roger arker is very knowledgable on the K series, including tuning etc.

The MGOC site is very good for information and also tech articles on K series engines.

Spares are not that bad either.

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Further to this...

...it turns out that the engine in the customers Freelander had the steel dowels and LR bottom end 'ladder' but not the multi-layer head gasket (all mentioned in the article). The thermostat had stuck shut and caused the engine to boil up; this is probably what lead to the head gasket failure. The oil in the sump was like green treacel and has taken ages to clean out!! :angry:

It seems rather poor that one over heating episode should cause a head gasket failure but there you go. Head is off for a slight skim (couple of thou) to ensure flatness and then it'll all go back together.

Watch that water level and temperature gauge :o

Hope this saves someone some hassle/money/heart ache

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