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V8 AND 300Tdi chassi mounts on the same chassis

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I am planning to buy an early type 110 CSW RHD for a project (Complete rebuild, and from RHD to LHD and later from V8 to 300Tdi/2.8 TGV)

I have seen that the V8s in the UK are plenty and reasonably priced, but due to age and the conversion to LHD I am planning a complete rebuild onto a new chassis. As I also plan to use the vehicle overland in South America, I was wondering whether it would be possible to order a galvanised chassis with both the V8 and 300Tdi chassis mounts in place already.

Main question would be whether the V8 mount position would foul anything once the 300Tdi is in and vice versa.

I would like prevent having to re-galvanise the chassis after a conversion.

Anything else I should take into account while I am at it?

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Tubes and removable mounts are a No-No on most non-UK MoT. But on a early 110 I could 'get away' with the fact that this would have been a 'proto-type', hence the fully connected mounts...

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You could always have an unobtrusive "uni-mount" on the chassis that means you just needed to tweak the mounts on the engine side instead, don't know how different the two are but a call to Designa Chassis etc. should tell you.

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