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CV Joint part numbers


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lost drive to front end of the disco today..... alot of banging when turning then nothing... the front props spins but no drive.

im thinking that it may be a CV gone....... i have a new defender one..... part number AEU 2522 or DL 4612.

any idea of what a 200 tdi disco needs..... will it be the same as the one i have.

just need to know before i pull it to bits at the weekend.



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Guest diesel_jim
then the CV's aren't the 2 piece ones

and could be AEU2522/R606665

AEU2522 were only used on defender, pre 32 spline CV's,pre 24 spline halfshafts (on the diff end)

2522's also have the "large" rubber center cap,the type that poke out through alloy wheels. the later 32 spline with the smaller cap are what i think Gelf's referring to.

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Early R/R & Disco CV joints (RR 1969-1987 (to VIN EA305589) - Disco 1989-1993) - 23 spline inner, 10 spline female outer (no stub axle)


Stage one S111 - 23 spline inner 24 spline outer stub


County and 200Tdi Defender - to axle #20L48865 1984-1994 - 23 spline inner 24 spline outer stub (same as AEU1828 but a slightly longer stub)

And here are the carp ones... The info is a bit confusing for some of the later RR/Disco ones - can anyone clarify - LR may have multiple part numbers for the same CV.


300Tdi Defender (1993 - current) - crappy (tiny) 32 spline inner, 24 spline outer stub - from axle #20L48866


Later model S1 Disco (Non ABS - 1993 - ?) and RR (Non ABS - 1987-1989 (VIN EA305590 - JA624755))


Later model S1 Disco (ABS) and RR (ABS - 1987-1989) - with 10 spline outer

TDJ000010 - possibly also STC 3051?

Range Rover Classic 1992-end ABS Disco 1 - with 24 spline outer (I think).


P38A Range Rover - don't know splines


S2 Disco - don't know splines

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