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Distributor Wiring Help

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Can anyone confirm the wiring for a V8 Carb dizzy.

It has 2 male flat connectors on the unit (what looks like an Ignition module to me)

My old setup on the 2.25 only had a single wire from the coil to the points type dizzy, so what needs connecting to what for the new one to work?

Any help appreciated.


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According to my wiring diagram there should be two wires. 1 goes to earth or it might be earthed via a fixing bolt, and the second a white with black tracer from the coil.

I hope this helps.

Have you traced where the wiring goes?

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So why you not asking me ? <Sniffs under arms...>

I volunteer to bring the car down for you to copy, and you just don't take me up on the offer....

We fallen out ?

You not love me any more ?


Ahhhh.....poor you......I am sure you was tucked up in front of the telly when I realised I was unsure of the wiring at 7pm tonight!!!

Also, yours being EFI now, I am sure it will be different. You probably have a 3rd wire I would imagine?

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The basic wiring loom remained unchanged.. We added one to the coil, and three to the loom !!

Shold be easy enough to copy from mine.. Wiring colours likely to be same on yours, just differing locations / lengths !

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