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  1. Viscous Fan wobble

    I would suggest removal of the fan and take a good look at the whole viscous unit....
  2. led indicators & buzzer

    Well done Ralph. That buzzer is suitably annoying and you’ll hate it at busy junctions.... But never leave the indicator on again for sure....
  3. I'll discuss with you in PM later.
  4. Crank Pulley/Timing Wheel Alignment

    Hi There, Glad to hear you are moving the project forward. I think I've seen / read that the pulley wheel needs some machining to provide a flat surface for the trigger wheel to land on. Hopefully @Hybrid_From_Hell, or another knowledgeable person will be along to advise shortly.
  5. There are people out there programming like you saw on Discotd5.com and if programmed well, you can have a high power & torque engine with no smoke and in most cases no issues with MAF. I have a VGT, large PWR intercooler and 4bar MAP sensor (Standard is 2bar), but standard MAF. In theory the engine should be around 190BHP & 380Nm torque at peaks. As it's now Auto, I don't have any MAF cuts as it's rarely on high end revs.... (And as I get older I much prefer to potter the majority of the time.....) There is a member on here who had an upgraded tuning map on a standard engine from the same source and does have some MAF cut issues at high load / high RPM which we've not managed to solve, but it was 4k+ RPM under heavy acceleration. (The same engine had this before the tuning map upgrade too which we cannot understand or cure) Although genuine ones are hard come by, the same programmer will adapt the maps to use a Nissan Skyline MAF which are capable of handling a lot more air volume and eliminate any MAF cut issues.
  6. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    The early ones did.. They added a hole in the plate that connects it to the LT230 to improve the flow out of the Overdrive... (I'm guessing it made the oil pumps' work a little easier and improved flow.)
  7. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I still have a Roamerdrive if you want one Rich... (And a GKN....)
  8. R380 oil

  9. GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    I think there are potentially two main reasons why a GKN drive could slip when not engaged... - The spring pressure is reduced over time through heating and cooling and therefore the "clutch" or brake mechanism doesn't clamp well and loses direct drive - The cone brake material wears so there is little or no friction. Of course there can be a combination of the two as well.... There is probably a need for the ATF to be in good order and in sufficient quality as I think it helps to condition the brake material and has some grip qualities.... (I recall reading somewhere that certain oils that are used for power steering don't have these grip characteristics... AQF versus ATF??)
  10. Landreiziger blower motor switch kit

    After seeing @Anderzander fitted one I did the same a few years back... Great to have variable speeds, but the little extension that was soldered onto the slider to accommodate the triangular knob thing came apart on mine last year. It looks in Ralph's piccies that they now have one with a longer tab.... (Wonder if I'll ever get around to sorting that out....)
  11. Clutch bled no gears

    Clutch slave bleed nipple is at the top ?
  12. Aerial

    Sounds like you need to try another head unit first to eliminate the obvious.....
  13. Replacement doors review

    Certainly let me know when you are doing front doors....
  14. TD5 Headgasket

    Great news Toby. Satidying when it’s all back together isn’t it.
  15. Odd GKN overdrive behaviour

    And now to harvest spares and repair again??

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