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  1. Forum collection or relay

    Tis a shame..... (Was looking forward to testing it LOL)
  2. Transmission mounts

    My old 110 had one mount on Gearbox and one on T/box. (Opposite sides of the chassis) Same on the TD5 90 i have now.... I don't notice any vibration / noise from the setup.
  3. Forum collection or relay

    Ok... Keep in touch via PM... Will probably be late August or very early Sept when I run over there with a 90 full of bits.... Happy to collect and store at my friends farm and even test it on my ramp for you if needed (Only for a few years of course...) Neil
  4. Forum collection or relay

    If they can hold onto it for w few weeks and it'll fit in the back of a 90 I may be able to help... My truck is off the road for about a week but I will be running to Dunstable at some point with some things for Dave Ashcroft. I'm just south of Cambridge so getting it nearer for you....
  5. Popping back in.. just to annoy HfH :-)

    Steve.. What's all this^^^ ??? Welcome back Bish...
  6. Propshaft UJ size

    Have a look here and see if it helps.... http://www2.dana.com/Expert/wc.dll?hvtss~dedsec~2~13~06~
  7. Engine Hoist/ Clutch replacement

    Just jack on front wheel and turn until the diff flange lines up... Pop on the front prop... Then do the same for the rear.. One wheel is ll it needs per axle.
  8. intermittent clutch after replacement

    http://www.overdrive-repairs.co.uk/ In their world it's J-type.... Although they don't to the speed sensor as it's not fitted in their application of the overdrive.
  9. Clutch bleed

    I live and learn..... Still something new each day.... Learn one and forget three is my problem....
  10. Clutch bleed

    Hi there.... I don't know Freelanders but I've seen a lot of hydraulic systems on a lot of cars.... EVERY master cylinder I've seen new comes empty.... No fluid included. By the nature of the system, you will break the pipework open to fit the new parts and then need to bleed the system through to remove air. With that in mind, if the system is not leaking it should only need bleeding if the fluid is old and has absorbed water over time or a change of an element has let air in. Why do you think it needs bleeding?
  11. and if strategically placed to avoid damage coupled with the the mast being removable for off-roading / bushes and obstacles.... nice find Steve...
  12. Alarm Remote Antenna Fitting

    Originally it would have been placed around the barrel as you suggest so it's always in close enough proximity to the key fob. If fitting the X-eng barrel protector thingy, you can re-locate it to a position under the barrel as that's typically where the fob is anyway. Neil
  13. Another gearbox issue or clutch?

    We think we found the problem. Pressure plate, clutch material and spigot bush all replaced. Reports from Rich last night suggest he got home without issue and the use of all gears!!! I'll leave a space now for him to fill in any gaps for you... Neil (Anyone else need a clutch / gearbox change? Getting quite good at this lark!)
  14. LT230 ATB

    I have one fitted and to be very honest I've not noticed any difference... Last year on a twisty climb out of Andorra at a point where either momentum or a locked centre diff would have normally been used. I slowed and didn't lock the centre diff.... The truck stopped as it would without an ATB. One wheel in the air only on the front axle. Rear axle has an Ashcroft ATB/LSD and front is open diff. Centre diff locked, backed down a little and went back at the same point and rolled on though even though the same wheel lifted. This may not be the intended use and I still only lock the centre diff when i think it will be needed and not like some advocate "always locked when off-road" I don't know if this is the intended use for the ATB but I've no really noticed its there... Not sure i would notice if removed ! Neil
  15. TD5 stuck wastegate?

    Hi Iain and welcome to LR4X4... The wastegate may be stuck but they are under quite a lot of pressure... Get some mole-grips on the shaft and tug it along the shaft away from the actuator... It should move but may require some force.... If you cannot move it, then try some penetrating fluid on the joint at the turbo end and keep trying to free it off... It may take time and some force but it should move and spring back into the rest position. Jump to 1:44 in this video for a view of what you need to do..