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  1. Have you tried formatting in different formats and tested if the head unit can see that card?
  2. Yes.. Hawkeye or Nanocom etc access the ECU's via the On Board Diagnostics port (OBD) Where are you based? Might be worth asking around to see if anyone can help locally?
  3. Where are you based? It might be worth seeing if someone near you has a diagnostic unit they can plug in. I've had the TC / ABS light on mine when one of the speed sensors in the hubs lifted up a little after I hammered a ball joint free. Nanocom showed which corner was at fault. I have no idea if the new Wabco unit needs to be programmed into your ECU's in some way.. Hopefully someone else can advise on that.
  4. What model type is it? Hopefully still a sticker on it... (Something like NNN000120) Then search ebay etc. for one for sale of same model number. Find a friend with Nanocom or similar and then it can be programmed for key and alarm codes etc.
  5. We've got a Golf, GTi TDi (PD engine) and last year it went in for some weird running issues.. Suspected injector.... Ended up being a collapsed follower and damaged cam. While it was in I had the garage change the bottom end shells just as a health check. Engine stayed in the car throughout and head stayed on the engine throughout..... I didn't do the work myself so cannot comment of ease of the job though. Hope it helps.
  6. Stop trying to defend wreckless speeding
  7. Ambient temperature may be cooler here but if you were travelling in the outside lane hammering the 110 today and comparing to another time, the temperature around the exhaust may have been a lot cooler with SWMBO next to you making you slow down and reminding you that you were on holiday and to take it easy.... As said above, it might be the heat just pushing the system too far..... Change master, refresh fluid and stop driving the 110 like you stole it...
  8. I too would be suspect of heat on the fluid, either creating air / bubbles or thinning the fluid by warming it... Can't remember your 110, does it have the heat shield on the down pipe?
  9. Always happy to help out guys.... Good to see you both again too
  10. Thinking about this, black smoke is usually unburnt diesel. Either not enough air (Blocked air filter) or too much diesel re-mappped incorrectly.... Or, your engine isn't burning the fuel properly! Reading it's reasonably high mileage and using oil, I'd be suspicious that your bores / rings are worn and your compression is low, meaning poor burn and back smoke......
  11. With the rocker cover off there's is no access to the seal from inside the head. The cam is between the two parts of the head and fills the section completely. The seal will only come out from the rear of the engine. Try as we might, we couldn't get purchase on the seal ..... You might get some better access by lifting the engine, remove the engine mounts and then drop the engine away from the bulkhead.... Only a theory. Not tested.... As you can see from the attached picture of a TD5 head split, the cam is clamped in the hole at the end... The wider inset hole is where the seal is pushed in. With the cam in, there is deffo no access from inside the head. Sorry.. I didn't take a picture of the head built up from that end.... Probably quite a simple task in a Defender as you should be able to drill the plug and extract... Might need to remove the airbox and bracket, but that'll only take a few minutes.
  12. We looked at this one friends Disco and it was ultimately the FPR... Did you put some additional sealant on the back section of the rocker cover gasket? Looking back on the head change I did, I don't think you will be able to get the rear seal out and back in because of the location of your bulkhead. No access to it from within the rocker cover... I may be proven wrong...
  13. Sir Les of Hensonshire taught me to use a soft bar across the bearing race and tap them in.... (Easier if the ball is already attached to the axle as it doesn't move) Neil
  14. Looks a lot like a compression air fitting as you suggest. I'd be worried that a air line was used and not fuel safe pipe and fittings when it was converted. Might be simplest and safest to run a length of fuel safe pipe without joints. Neil
  15. It'll be a waste of a wheel arch Mo..... You'll be forever moaning about the wasted pace on the wheel arch, you'll not be able to carry anything near half the weight you have in the drawers at the moment elsewhere in the back and you won't be able to use the space behind the fridge...... But it is your totally standard 90 with it's relentless 200tdi torque. You could consider carrying less things most of the time and packing more for the trips using the drawers.... Maybe move them towards the rear of the truck and make use of the space behind them between the drawers and the bulkhead?