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  1. Defender clutch problem

    It sounds like one of a few things that could be happening... 1) Slave or master cylinder worn - Clutch would feel pretty similar but not enough pressure getting translated to the release bearing meaning clutch still spinning the gearbox and hard to engage gears. 2) Pressure plate fingers collapsing / some broken - A friend experienced this last year. the pressure system was working fine but the fingers on the pressure plate had effectively "sagged" and therefore the clutch release bearing moved up and settled in the new position, but as the fingers were now somewhat deformed the release bearing couldn't be pushed forward enough to release the clutch pressure and it stayed engaged and a similar end result. Gearbox still spinning so hard to select gears.
  2. Superwinch Tigershark range

    I don’t think it’s just age.. It’s been battered at the front for around 50k miles too.... Good ole English salt in the winter as well as all the other stuff from our roads getting thrown at it.... The next 4 years will see it look a lot better with. Proper paint job and a lot less miles on British roads. Didn’t get it apart this weekend and the next few are already fully committed.
  3. I would suggest trying to leave the TC attached in the gearbox regardless. Less chance of damaging the seal and torque converter... Alignment of the two sets of splines is hard enough with the gearbox standing vertical, so getting the angles lines up and both drive and oil pump splines with the engine dangling and swinging around should be avoided. Neil
  4. Power mirrors for 110 1984??

    Chiko, Are you looking to have wing mirrors that retract electronically or that are heated?
  5. Superwinch Tigershark range

    Steve, I've not got the Tiger Shark, but did go for a Talon 12.5iSR back in 2013 (Link for reference http://www.electricwinchshop.co.uk/superwinchtalon12-5isr12v.html) It's not used in anger regularly but on the handful of times I've needed it, it's been up to the job. Earlier this year it pulled me up a slope when I was dug into sand and didn't complain. I took the gubbins off the top and installed my own wiring using an Albright relay though.... Over the years the UK weather has taken it's toll on the appearance, so it's off at the moment for a refresh. I'll hopefully have time to open it up and get it through the parts washer this weekend before visiting Steve G for some blasting and paint.... I'm hopeful I can run the gears in one shot or decent grease like the last winch, but that will depend on how it seals and if I can figure an adaptation to permit me to fill it after assembly etc. I'll share the pics of the internals if you are interested.
  6. Although the Overdrive is gone, the Transfer box is now 1.2 Ratio so similar final drive... The Speedohealer is still there doing it's job. Never had an issue with it. Seems worth the money.
  7. Not only a different TC with different bolt patterns, but different flywheel and space between flywheel and flex plate. I'd also check, but I think the old Disco 1 V8's were hydraulic control where Td5 are electronically controlled gearboxes.... So Td5 has no kick-down cable etc. which probably exists on the D1 V8.... I think it's a veritable minefield....
  8. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    Well done Ralph.... Good to hear it running again.... Treat her gentle now and you should be good for another 25 years.....
  9. Defender Door Hinges

    Some pictures on one of the pages in here.... Google is your friend.....
  10. Td5 engine low power & poor torque.

    I agree the MAF could be shot, but it won't explain being unable to move a car off a drive in the morning....
  11. Td5 engine low power & poor torque.

    Ok... Lets try and keep focus on the cold engine low power thing.... First.... Can you get into another TD5 and compare warm performance? Will you be able to buy / make a blanking plate to eliminate the EGR? (Also helps diagnose the MAF potentially) If you eliminate the EGR and cold power is still an issue, I would then be checking the injector settings. Will the garage share the actual compression readings... Ideal 450 psi, 280 will still run the vehicle, but performance will suffer.... When does your Nanocom arrive as it will be the simplest way to check the throttle pedal. MAF performance etc. Wiring loom issues not likely to just be there when cold.... So for now, until you have Nanocom and can keep a check on faults lets assume the loom is ok. Check intercooler and pipes for leaks, but that should be a constant and leak cold or hot.... Clutch will not change cold engine performance. I'm assuming clutch is not slipping when cold and engine revving.. It's definitely engine cannot pull the car forward until warm and not clutch slipping and engine revving? Screech could well be pinion bearing.. Known for TD5 to rub on these and get noisy. TC is only linked to wheel sensors to my knowledge. It compares the speed of each and if one is slower or faster it flashes and gets to work reducing the power. The TC is looking for wheel spinning.... You will feel it engage through the brake pedal and the light will flash when it's engaged. It's unlikely to flash when pulling away slowly unless there is ice under the wheels. Simple thing to check is that all 4 sensor are down to a similar level in the hubs. Front easier to see than back. If one is high it could throw out an error now and then if marginal. The vibration you are feeling might be the Dual Mass Flywheel rattling if its very worn. Hard to say from a description. Diff could be another reason if damaged internally.... Diff & Drive flanges not connected to the ECU. Noises from Transfer case could be not fully disengaged from locked diff... Maybe wise to move into and out of difflock a few times and shift high to low etc a few times and see if it goes away. Nanocom will help with diagnosis of the electrics. Focus on the engine first. If the diff is broken it will fail and give you a bigger bill but you will know when it's dead. If you are reliant on a garage to do all the work and try to sort the issues you are describing, make sure they know Land Rovers or you could be in for a big labour bill without solving the issues. What country are you in?
  12. My 24 year old 200tdi rebuild

    That's looking good Ralph.... Should purr again (If 200 tdi's can be ever be described as purring) once that's back together....
  13. Td5 engine low power & poor torque.

    EGR stuck open would reduce the exhaust gasses going through the turbo I guess.... Pretty simple to eliminate the EGR to test the theory. Something like this... https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/EGR-Blanking-plate-Landrover-Discovery-2-defender-Td5-Stainless-Steel/121251487204?_mwBanner=1&epid=704701837 Inserted between the exhaust manifold and EGR cooler or flexible pipe and EGR cooler... Insert on one end of the brass looking pipe in the middle left of the picture. Easy to get to with 4 screws on the fan cover and 3 X 13mm on the acoustic cover... That would stop the gases flowing around the EGR part totally and eliminate it as part of the problem.
  14. Td5 engine low power & poor torque.

    Is your EGR removed / blanked? If not, then the MAF is quite important as it effectively controls the EGR valve (Via the ECU) If it's removed or blanked then unplugging the MAF won't make a whole lot of difference. The ECU will use a default fueling map and probably just over fuel a little. Do a little googling to find out more... Posts like this help to explain. http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php/76951-TD5-Air-flow-sensor
  15. Td5 engine low power & poor torque.

    In my head, the fact it starts first crank says fuel pressure is probably ok, crank sensor is working..... (Although it may be worth getting a new genuine spare and swapping them over - If it fails you're not going anywhere....) What is not clear is how different it is now compared to before all the work took place... You say it lacks low end torque "in your opinion" but what are you comparing to? The cold start and total lack of power when cold does suggest not enough fuel. (Not sure poor timing would account for such poor performance) For the sake of 30 minutes and a rocker cover gasket I'd be checking the injectors. My Td5 is pretty much the same cold and warm... (Although we don't see much below Zero here.....)