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For a while now my PAS has been making some funny noises- a lot of graunching and squealing. The assistance no longer seems linear- sometimes its stronger sometimes weaker.

I thought this was a sympton of low oil, however when i checked the oil level this morning it was fine.

One thing i did notice however was that the fluisd in the resevoir was very foamy- so much so that the fluid looked pink not red. What could be wrong with my PAS- can the fluid degrade substantially enough for these symptons, or is it new pump/motor time?

P.s. apologies for crappy title- saved it before i realised it made no sense!

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it's a Volvo of some sort- 850 2.5 GL

bought it from some monkey out in the sticks- bloody wideboys :D :D

(for eveyone else- i bought the vehicle from TJ101- it seemed like a good idea at the time :P )

The correct version is,, 850 2.5 20v CD, and i think it was your better half's good idea, rather than buy "another project" unfinished :lol: also i hear you did more off road in it whilst in the Lakes,, than you have in any LR product lately

:unsure: now, i am sure someone asked for a favor this afternoon , i wonder who that was :P

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favour? who me sir? naaaaaah

Anyway it is a GL- our insurance company said so and it saved us £80 for the years insurance so who i am to contradict them!

I have no idea what you are talking about re: unfinished projects. I don't need any more- i have quite enough as it is! AND i'll have you know that i did a bit of off roading in Challis' series at Bampton- which is now an unfinished project- there is a definte pattern here :D, oh and don't forget the noddy mobile, that's done a fair bit of off roading too!

You can whine, but i 'ave still got the noisiest PAS system in the Southwest- you'll know when i'm coming round far in advance- give you a good oppotunity to hide as per usual :D

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