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  1. Ditto for me as well Mr Hobbit Back on topic,, I also have a pile of stuff to load up,, at least my list is reducing
  2. I see that tomorrow will be the last opportunity to get a ticket at the early bird price. www.thebigoutdoors.org
  3. Overlanders/4x4 camping meet. Brecon Beacons. May 6-8th Maybe of interest to a good few here,, A overland/4x4 camp meet weekend being held in the Black Mountains of South Wales, taking place over the weekend of the 6-8th of May. Should be of interest to anyone into vehicle dependant overland travel, or those who simply love camping in the big outdoors Looks to have plenty of things to do/planned to keep the whole family happy. Link to event website http://thebigoutdoors.org/
  4. I would have come down for dinner at least !,, If i had not been heading east this weekend !!!!
  5. Darth,, The bar is James and my plan for Friday evening,, after a trip to town for a bite to eat ?
  6. Nice to see some prep being done Chris
  7. No,, 2008 Mo,,, (check Pikes quote ,, when he joined us ) When we had the vote who got Pikey !! and Chris lost !! and you then left him in the hypermarket !!! Good try
  8. That would be May 2008 It will be a great trip,, Excellent place, If your thinking,maybe ?? Jump at the chance
  9. Found it They did http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-23118035
  10. Was meant to be joining last July IIRC ?? Hence why the border crossing this year was somewhat more relaxed !!! than has been previously
  11. As JST says above I really hope it stays at it is as well,, I also had the feeling that last year, Igor seam to have lost a bit of interest ? could be wrong,, Most crews know certain junctions by the look of the tulip in the road book, and the route is done all in his head, and all the same as previous, just rearrange each year It certainly does not run to any organisation affiliated to the FIA !! would have been shut down years ago !!
  12. In 2 words,, "They dont " Its as much as you can do, to blag one of the press sheets, which have tulips to get to 2/3 points per day,, Or find a friendly competitor, and try and fathom out the route via their roodbook, (not that easy first time there) Only way you could do it, is flying in, hire car, and stay at the hotel (10kms away) Or try and get a camp spot/meal ticket from the organisers,, work on about 450 odd euros Saying that, glad i have been a couple of times,, good event, but how much longer it will run in its current format ??
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