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Residual Current Drain.


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After a friend left her Y reg TD4 over a weekend on Mon morn it wouldn't

start. It jumped easy enough and left it running whist we had a brew (20

mins ish) before she did the 9mile run to work. 5pm, flat again.

The battery was charged overnight and her hubby put it back on but didn't

test it and two hours later when she went to go to work, again non starter.

Now I know the battery is getting on so I picked up a new on and fitted it this

evening for her and on connecting there was quite a considerable spark.

Nothing was switched on and pulling all fuses made no difference.

I haven't stuck an ammeter on yet and was wondering what current would

one expect to be drawn whilst parked up.

Judging by the spark it's far more than the alarm, which was off anyway.

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