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Interior dimensions please


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Hi all,

intruder from the Rangie forum here with a quick question.

We're considering a Disco as a caravan tow car/dog carrier for dog agility shows/weekday runabout.

We need to know the interior dimensions behind the rear seats, width, height & depth please. so we can work out if a double-decker dog cage can be accomodated/fabricated.

(2 cages side by side with another 2 on top).

Hopefully they can otherwise SWMBO will be after a Citroen van!! (God forbid)


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what age?

S2 has a lot more room than a 200/300Tdi and I think a D3 has more again.

I think 4 "normal" dogs would be a squeeze - ok if they were small ones.

Sorry, finances will only stretch to a 200/300dti.

Dogs are 1 large collie dog, 2 small(ish)collie bitches and a border terrier, small but noisy!

I've seen double decker cages in the back of a Renault Kangoo which were fine for collies but I didn't measure the van up.

I'd hate to have to buy a van if I could get a Disco to do the same job.

Rather attracted to the idea of a Rangie classic and a Disco on the drive, really annoy the antis!

When I've finished restoring the Rangie I'll get an old Landie to restore so that'll be 3 4X4s, even better! :)


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