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96 Disco dead at times????????


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OK, heres the deal sometimes when i go to start my 96 Disco I'll turn they key and everything dies, heater fan, the interior lights, the radio, the dash, everything goes flat. It is like someone pulled the battery wire off or something.. I open the hood and jiggle wires on the battery side of the truck near the hood switch(????) (the thing that lets something know the hood is closed) And then I hear the door chime go on and the heater fan goes on the lights come on etc. I do have to reset the radio code everytime though... Occasionally I'll just sit there when she goes flat and after a spell it will all of a sudden come to life. Any idea as to what this could be?? Or any routes to try in diagnosing the problem... I have already remade the ground connections to the body and chassis right behind the battery tray??? thanks for any input!!!! Tim O

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