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Vibrating Disco

Lars L

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A mate has a 300 Tdi manual Disco with serious vibration issues. A while ago, the transferbox gave up and he installed a second hand one. At first everything was fine, but suddenly this vibration developed.

The Disco is raised 2" and he has installed a caster correction set. When it is parked on level ground, the rear u-joint on the front propshaft is almost at its limit, while the front on is almost straight. The rear yoke is more or less touching the drive member half of the joint. I also noticed that it seems like the gearboxes sit low at the rear end, when looking from the side they are not parallell with the chassis. I have no Tdi to compare with, but on my V8, the box is level to the chassis. Can someone with a manual 300 Tdi just check how one should look?

Then there also was some play in the front drive member, so a bearing change is on the to-do-list.

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