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***** Mike Wolfe Challenge 2007 *****

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Hi all,

I have asked for this to be "Pinned" until after the event has finished.

I will add in below every time a entrants TEAM is fully 'paid up', (and is then given a team number)

If you are entering, and your name / team is not showing ring me PM me or E-Mail me !

I have added in below links to the event info itself, and the post for forms etc


Team Driver 1 WB1 Driver 2 WB2

2 (NON ARC) Paul Wightman Dan Wightman Nick Watts Guy Radford

3 (NON ARC) John Piper Adam North Garry Andrews Malcolm Padwick

4 (NON ARC) Mark Jeffrey Peter Greaves Colin Humpries Paul Mitson

6 (NON ARC) Nigel Bicknell Grant Adams Barry Mew TBC

8 (NON ARC) Paul Hooper Ritch Green Andrew Smith Ian Mitchell

1 (NON ARC) Tony Cordell Iain Stokes James Trembath Dan Need

9 (NON ARC) Lawerence Horne Keith Wood David Hookley Andrew Seedlewski

10 (NON ARC) Sue Gawne Kevin Moss Simon Wilkinson Leigh Brown

11 (NON ARC) Tim Jones Mark Booth Nick Walker Les Brocklehurst

12 (NON ARC) Roger Pardy Martin Cook Paul Rogers Dave Gilbertson

13 (NON ARC) Adrian Turner Richard Weatherley Richard Nicolson Nik Tall

14 (NON ARC) Paul Bass Neville Hudd Dominique Brione Kevin Bailey-Eager

15 (NON ARC) Mark England Paul Hutchings Justin Degen Paul Wheeler

16 (NON ARC) Neil Aust Ben Burge Peter Roberts Phil Martin

33 (ARC) Neil Tomlinson Neil Read Steve Williams John Jackson

34 (ARC) Niall Banyard ? ? ? (but he's paid in full for all :lol:)

35 (ARC) Mark Catchpole Michael Pantrey Adrian Catchpole Chris Lemon

36 (ARC) Richard Salter Sam Parker Mark Ambler Tim Wishaw

37 (ARC) David Ley Martin Jenner Damion Lock TBA

IF YOU SEE ANY ERRORS ABOVE (ie Class entered / Names etc) PLEASE PM Me !

Full Driver packs will be sent out later towards the beginning of next month

Few extra bits ?.............. :)

I can also confirm that

Si R from X-Engineering, and

Dave at Ashcroft and

Brooklyn 4x4 in Southampton

Paul & Lucy from Challenger 4x4

have supplied additional financial sponsorship support and stickers for entrants 4x4, .........

and more firms have committed to follow their example B) .

Also TOR have advised they will cover the event, send a Photographer and have also put up free subscriptions, (which I am going to use as 'marshals' prizes. )

LandRox 4x4 are providing special prizes for the 'Special Stages' (on top of the 123 prizes for the event), Landrox prizes will be recovery gear

KCC (who are the main sponsors for the event) are providing all Trophies for

1st 2nd and 3rd places in both ARC and Non ARC Classes, and EACH driver in 1 2 3rd etc will recieve a trophy,

More in time, get those entry forms and funds to me please ! :lol:

More info here : http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=13380

Any Q or Queries please SCREAM NOW !



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