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  1. Could be retro fitted ?? ive seen some stuff go seriously cheap on that site …..
  2. 1957 Land Rover Series I Transmission: manualMileage:1627In the aftermath of the second world war (i-bidder.com)
  3. I use Vet superglue to glue myself back together, its a medical grade so can be used on humans / moi You should never use normal superglue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nige
  4. Didn't Jez do that .....then went all flowery with petal ?
  5. Hmmm Snatch Diff ......... Google search engines will prob ban me LOL
  6. (Yeah ok 🙈😂) seriously I need some ideas from the membership ... befote I start if anyone thinks this is any sort of conflict of interest as my position as an admin / member and a business owner post up saying that and I will apologise and delete this thread I really do need some ideas ... as many of you know I run a differential business we try to build very high end high quality best you can get diffs .... and this we call our “ultra build” now...we have done “extras that can be added but it’s still an ultra build spec with extras i have now nearing finishing prototyping a new differential exclusively for Land Rover diffs which is almost of maybe is a different diff having ultra build spec I now need a spec which clearly indicates an even high level of build as standard please ...nobody say f “Cyrene” etc hate that label best I can come up with is ultra build + or ultra build plus which frankly is a bit carp when it really is something special forget asking me what it is ..-st it’s not launched 2nd I don’t have a name for it and 3rd that is against forum rules with me as member /admin So pleae come up with names titles etc that clearly would mean “obviously” waaay better than ultrabuild spec vs my crappy attempt help Nige
  7. RTC4489 is 10 splne internal gears for a early 2 pin center ?
  8. KAM 283 is 51 and 18, so its defo not a KAM gearset !
  9. Spares are very hit and miss now i have bought all the old stock and have a fairly good stock for most parts to repair if needed ...but when bits have gone that’s it brilliant locker how much is being asked and for what ??
  10. pictorial version of your PRV Mr Fridges comment
  11. On my 5.2 I have an aftermarket PRV and it runs at 53 PSi but will vary due to the Vac system, without it its ghastly ! Might be the issue, and you wnat circa 30 ish in rail
  12. You should have the blue vacumn pipe going from ECU to t Piece, and from the t piece 1 x to the gold plate rear of the plenum and the other to the fuel rail Regulator ? Nige
  13. Can you do a screen shot with ignition on and not running ?
  14. what value does your coolant temp on Megarune or tuner studio say ?
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