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  1. pictorial version of your PRV Mr Fridges comment
  2. On my 5.2 I have an aftermarket PRV and it runs at 53 PSi but will vary due to the Vac system, without it its ghastly ! Might be the issue, and you wnat circa 30 ish in rail
  3. You should have the blue vacumn pipe going from ECU to t Piece, and from the t piece 1 x to the gold plate rear of the plenum and the other to the fuel rail Regulator ? Nige
  4. Can you do a screen shot with ignition on and not running ?
  5. what value does your coolant temp on Megarune or tuner studio say ?
  6. Why if the Trigger wheel is on No 5 past engine at TDC have you got "20" in Trim settings ? should be "0" if wheel set correctly ??? Nige
  7. Guess who bought all DLRs diff bits stock 😎
  8. EP90 GL4 OR GL5 NOT 80/90 OR 85/90 ! Go to a plant or agricultural engineering co, you won't get it easily at motor factors Nige
  9. Quaife used to make their own 19 spline shafts, they stopped and went over to LR 24 spline drive gears years ago, .........and yes I can change the 19s to 24s .............but they are £248 a pair
  10. Hi all, I have bought in a MASSIVE amount of Land Rover Differentials and parts, amongst them is a brans spanking new Quaife ATB I am pretty sure that this is a Salisbury unit / land Rover model, but it is NOT the current QDF25K version It also has the quaife 19 spline drive gears, so my question is anyone have any idea of the previous part number(s) for Quaife Salisbury ATB that pre date the QDF25K current model ? Nige
  11. Ah yes, I had to listen to a Muppet at a play day saying his 3.9 V Belt was over 280 BHP.... I asked him how and he sprouted about himself porting it at home with a dremil and other exotic upgrades. I said he had done really well, considering my 90 + trhe John Eales full race triple plenum 5.2V8 only made 342BHP.... you could have heard a pin drop with him and his mates,............ until the laughter started
  12. The main problem I think you are going to have is that with zero preload and thinks loose the CW and the Pinion will have been meshing poorly / incorrectly and as such will have worn incorrectly. If so no amount of re jiggling is going to return it to good, and as such the prints will be poor. Its really more as to how fussy you want to be - salisburys are an ancient diff a la DANA 60 which are clunky anyway even when rebuilt properly, and rarely fail, they will end up making more noise than your ears can take pre failure, so my advice is to do the best you can and then see ho
  13. What is the LR and a pic of the diffs might belp
  14. 2020 from china is going to soon meet 1985 v8 90. Report soon ! If good ill say...if average I will be honest...If they are carp I'll admit to wasting my money....🤣🤣🙈
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