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  1. 2017 Forum Stickers ....STICKERS....Support your Forum

    Hiya, Yes we have good stock ! N
  2. Popping back in.. just to annoy HfH :-)

    Glad your back Mr Bish
  3. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LAND-ROVER-SERIES-MONSTER-TRUCK-SERIOUS-OFF-ROADER-BUILT-TO-A-HIGH-STANDARD-/222604023480?hash=item33d43bd6b8:g:L1IAAOSwVbxZfJfH Its rekisted with .99p start . the silly side of me says go on Barker ....bid £1 .....but then again I might win it
  4. The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    er .... OMFG what a ****ter http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222596867961 3k ? ............:rofl:
  5. Newbie MS install

    WOWZER ...printed and BOUND the install manual ...get you !
  6. Welding Mask/Helmet

    Having a great Mask helps you do better welds. Speedglas are just fantastic, but not cheap, switched on the glass is brighter than off, and you can see everything around you vs a cheap mask where putting it on turns everything near pitch black lol ESAB also do some nice auto helmets too
  7. A couple of new moderators and cabinet reshuffle.

    It.. F "it" ? You're banned ... Oh er...hang on Bugger lol
  8. Autonomous Land Rovers by end of 2017

    Mine has a mind of its f own already LOL
  9. A couple of new moderators and cabinet reshuffle.

    Sweet innit. Welcome and brace yourselves for being accused of being heavy handed not tough enough arrogant weak inner circle mates friend hidden agenda secretively self serving and wrong . The life of a mod. Don't even try to think what admins are viewed as ... ??????
  10. The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    Bit suprised on the spec. Would have expected at the bottom Complete with Hawkeye And the price ......... "F"
  11. Diff Dilemma

    medication is a wonderfull thing penguin
  12. Hobbyweld gas

    I have given up on BOC and am going over to rental. I have just bought an outright 30 litres at 300 bar which is 1/3 more than BOC bottle £90 outright aqnd $80 for contents from SPA welding in lancing, they do hobbyweeld too and albee all renatl free. They have BOC bottles being handed in literally daily now ! N
  13. Wrong Diff - Front Centre Portion

    The CWP teeth gives ratios, So 46 on CW and 13 on pinion = 3.538 (3.54) same on Ashcroft HD 28 / 8 = 3.5 these have to be the same each end (ok to use ashcroft 3.5 and std 3.54, I mean you cant have 4.1 one end and 3.54 on the other - and yes I have known itr The gears in the centre - sun or pkanet are a SET, differing SETS have differing numbers (and styles) of gears, but the SETS allows the differewntial movement nothing more, so any centre is fine providing the SET is all matched Hope this helps and makes sense ? Nige