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  1. Just done, ....hence if you found board off line it was Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  2. Sorry all, We have had a software upgrade......... that went very wrong ! Now sorted so we are all good to go Sorry for the outage ....I myself had to actually do some work in the meantime - : Nige
  3. The compression is in the pistons not the heads. Changing heads for late ones won;'t really make any noticable difference. NHP & Torque on the 8.13 was way down on a 9.35 / 10.5:1 engines. If it has the pulsair system as well bin that will help a bit, but, to be honest swap block for a 3.9 unit is the route to look at .. Nige
  4. It's in bits.. Had to use serious force to get apart.....full of all.sorts of stuff....but not grease Currently boiling away in my ultrasonic cleaner for clean number erm.... 7 It's bad .....seriously "I should be ashamed of me bad" If it survives I'll do a write up Nige
  5. I have a rear Mounted Hydraulic Mile Marker powered by a class 2 Motor off my LT230 PTO The free spool, er...doesn't, its power in and power out which is a Real pain. Its been horribly abused over the years, so expecting it to need a major clean and polish up of seaized and rusty parts I have never ever had one of these apart, just wondering if anyone has a service manual / pictures of strip down etc, have googled meself daft and found next to foxtrot Anything Anyone have any info / links ? Plus anyone had the freespool stop working and know why ?? Nige
  6. You can !. Bonnet and trim needs cutting. Somewhere I have a customers feedback of exactlybwhatvis needed so ..if you email. E I will find it and send it to you so you can decide if minor and ok or too drastic lol Megasquirt.v8@gmail.com
  7. A Single strut will soon cause damage to the bonnet as it will flex and try to buckle not being supported on both sides - , a twin set up as I make has 2, but only is for 90s, and defenders of pretty much all flavours. And KEY is the bracketry that holds the rams both top and bottom, as if too small or poor the fixings will fracture. I designed mine due to me near knocking myself out when my bonnet prop undid itself on a windy day, and the smack on the head helped me have a good idea Video here - if any member or Moderator feels that I as an admin & a businesses owner I shouldn't post this video, say and I will delete toot de sweet Arjan - I have your PM and will reply
  8. 🤪 Tis done .................. Please advise on any weird things or things not working - but clear your Cache which will refresh to latest settings : https://clear-my-cache.com/windows.html
  9. Hi all, I need to run the new release for the Forums software Upgrade. Hence the forum might have been offline when you tried to access today - this is why and If you can read this and its gone 10.00 GMT then its worked and I haven't Broken it Nige On behalf on the LR4x4 Forums A&M Team
  10. on MS3 you can set the wheel wherever you like and then adjust it in the software. The MS3 manual gives details how to do this. It is not the same as EDIS on MS1 or MS2 MS3 is very state of the art, it can do masses, but it is also extremely complex !
  11. Phew ! The buttons survioved my Poke-about-worried-a-thon
  12. Hi All, The LR4x4 Forum has just undergone a maasssssooosive upgrade on software. Its desperately important we run the latest platform for security and all sorts of other nasties, but, it might mean something somewhere might have gotten bitten by the changes. Post up in this thread if there is anything missing / not working that you come across please Thanks Nige & the A&M Team
  13. 4 bolt PAS steering box .... Last year it started to leak, .... I fitted a new seal kit, .... hasn't lasted 5 minutes !! .., so the shaft has had it and I need a completely new unit If new who / where are the best to get, prices ?? if Reconditioned same question ? Thanks
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