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  2. Hybrid_From_Hell

    OT: Someone as bad as Nige

    Anyone "I Know" JU ?? ??
  3. Is a B1tch .................... I know it is. Been out of MOT for some months, but with being super busy at work (good thing) and having wifeys Mum & Dad both go through Cancer (Not a Good Thing) her being bullied at work and resigned (Not good either) and then Father In Law needing a Pacemaker (not good either) life has been a tad "Busy" As things calmed down (Good thing !) I TOLD my 90 I would sort her out, so webshop closed I got stuck in. The amount needing doing stunned me when it had done so few miles since last MOT, but, most of those were off road. 5 yes 5 F SOLID days I loved her and booked in for an MOT all as certain as I could be. On the bloody way there I stopped at a round about approx 400 yards from MOT station, and the friggin indicator decided to go double time ..yup bulb gone. I shoved it on the MOT bay and shouted "JUST F DONT..... JUST DONT" and shot into the motor factors next door bulb bought changed worked yaaay then came the emissions, ................knew these would be fine so climbed in and turned key NOTHING not even a click. MOT tester had a sense of humor "You might think it can't fail now Nige - but I believe failing to produce a specimen when required is a Fail" Ha de F ha Smack with hammer did nothing, then we saw that the bang I entered the MOT ramp in a grumpy state had fractuired the ignitor wire, so hot as it was and a couple of burns later it passed It hates me even if I love her
  4. Hybrid_From_Hell

    OT: Someone as bad as Nige

    Need pics lol His quote was: "The cartoid artery extends quite far down the face. Whodathunkit? Lost about a pint/pint and a half of blood and had to get the paramedic out. He had a good laugh "
  5. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    Happy you posted my video Sir ...I refrain as its a tricky conflict of interest being an Admin here and running a Differential Business !. To err on the side of caution I rarely will post up anything here contentious for that reason, best safe etc. As to ATB. Ashcroft are very good. Stunning value and a 3rd of the quaife unit which is very very similar. For your purposes Ashcroft are more than enough. Points 1. they can sometimes add more transmission noise than an open diff. 2, You REALLy will need to up grade to 23/24 shafts and CVs whilst ashcroft stuff would be nice, backward fitting earlier standard 23 CVs and half shafts would be a huge strength increase 3. run EP90 no special oils a la LSD stuff needed 4. Oil changes are a must and regularly, damage to centres often turns unit to scrap due to the amount of gears in there, spares are minimal often as I say damage = new unit 5. Front axle will feel as if you have low tyre pressures but you will adjust and learn Nige
  6. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Wound Glue

    Yes, ok, of course this would be a topic from Moi As I have the odd little mishap, a very nice nursey gave me some medical superglue....for erm "Future use(s)" Last weekend I managed to shove a new blade in my stanley knife into my finger nail, cutting it top to quick..and used the last of my Glue after a quick dropping of iodine on the wound, and glued it up. Problem is that was the last of it, spoke to nice nursey as saw her in Sainsburys she said we (general Public) can't buy superglue medical grade and do not use normal stuff...then whispered in my ear you CAN by Vet / medical superglue So I have. Linky here, and there is no comeback on me the forum or anyone else but yourself if you use Vet Medical Grade superglue for them little wounds ... Works a treat, and I haven't started to chase cars yet either Linky : https://www.thevetstore.net/shop/vetbond/ Bye Meow
  7. Hybrid_From_Hell

    MS1 basic fuel & spark map wanted

    These are from a 5.0 TVR I tinkered with Manually load spark and fuel into system, the base settings are my normal ones so these just override what you have
  8. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Question on loading msq file

    029v and 029y4 will be find with each other.
  9. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Groaning noise on Ashcroft ATB

    In which case he needs kicking in the crown jewels for being a Knob ^^^ I refer the honourable gentleman to my earlier comment
  10. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Question on loading msq file

    Email me @ megasquirt.v8@gmail.com
  11. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Welding critique please...

    Clean clean clean. A really good welder will produce poorish welds if surfaces are not clean, so help yourself and clean clean clean. DO NOT use grinding discs, they leave embedded bits in the steel, use a flap pad thingy - looks like a series of layers of sandpaper glued around the disc, use a corase to get fairly good, then a fine, then wire over with a cloth before starting. Thats, and a decent qulaity helmet are 2 x things that can jump you ahead in doing better welds. Nige
  12. Hybrid_From_Hell

    CV joint failure

    Raptor are not as strong as Ashcroft units. I know this 1st hand but would rather keep HOW I know to myself ...........as its a can of worms lol
  13. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    good day. weather better than expected ...but much smaller as a result. bought sh5t load if diffs and had a paid personal donkey to wheel to and from hired van so I could just buy buy buy 😎 donkey is as fit as a fit thing but properly broken by end of day lol. 110 v8 air boxes x 5 winch and winch bumper x 2 for mate 2 x wings 90 type complete for Jon W Van was properly slower on way home 😁
  14. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Axle pinion bolt torque - why different front to back?

    Same front to rear even with 3 bolt / 4 bolt flange 100 is cennter...its actiually between 90-110 N
  15. Hybrid_From_Hell

    New install, question on the relay board

    MS Relay Board Wiring The Relay Board has 4 sockets for fuses Main Fuse : 20A, INJ1 Fuse and INJ2 Fuse : 7.5A FP Fuse : 10A It also has one β€œ20 Way” screw Terminal Strip, and 3 x solder leads, which are used to connect to your vehicle to the MS ECU, and a D37 Solder Plug connector. No other connections are required The β€œ20 Way” Pinouts for Spark n EDIS are as Follows : BOTH INJ2 Pins connect together as do INJ1 MS Switches the Ground connection on and off The + Connection to the injectors comes from the 4 way Screw Terminal board on the relay board INJ2 - Injector Bank 2 GROUND INJ2 - Injector Bank 2 GROUND INJ1 - Injector Bank 1 GROUND INJ1 - Injector Bank 1 GROUND FP – To Fuel Pump FIDLE – To Fast Idle Solenoid – PWM Valve S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 – To SAW Connection on EDIS – See EDIS Diagram on CD Vref - +5v to throttle position sensor TPS - Throttle position β€œWiper” TPS Ret – Throttle Position Sensor – GROUND Tach – To PIP connection on EDIS – See EDIS diagram on CD MAT – Manifold Air Temperature Signal MAT Ret – Manifold Air Temperature Ground CLT – Coolant Temperature Signal CLT Ret – Coolant Temperature Ground O2 – Lambda Exhaust Sensor Signal – see 4 wire info on CD Lambda page There are Indentifiers on the Board as to what goes where, but if you look at the picture of the relay board here, there has been a alternative way of connecting which is explained below, and why done. Whilst this is not the β€œProper way” as outlined above, it has its merits, read both and decide. On the relay board there are 4 connectors the injectors with +ve and 2 connectors each for bank 1 and bank 2 negative. In the picture the slight change has been to use 2 of the injector +VE to supply the EDIS +VE and then connecting 2 injector +VE wires to each of the 2 injector +VE connectors on the relay board. Basically 4 wires into 2 sockets leaving the other two spare for a nice healthy supply for the EDIS +VE. The far end of the relay board connector strip has the 4 injector -VE connectors, 2 for each bank. So this means you’ll have 8 wires running from relay board to engine, 4 +VE, 2 -VE bank 1, 2 -VE bank 2. When the wires get to the engine, they are spilt accordingly so there are 2 +VE and 2 -VE each side. Run these down the side of the fuel rail and snip them to length to fit the middle two injectors. You will then have 2 +VE and 2 -VE each side so that's enough to feed 2 injectors. All you have to do then once you're sure and you cut them to length for the middle injectors is to piggyback from those middle injectors to the front injector from the front-middle and to the rear from the rear-middle, nice and simple just wire them in parallel.

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