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  1. Yup, that will keep the **** out !
  2. Well, one bit sorted. The 2 x Ashlockers 3 x Winch air spools where a real mess of long wires joins, t pieces and air leaks ... and jammed soleniods due to dirt in exhaust ports etc etc a real done in a hurry and then added to in an even bigger hurry sort of mess OCD sorted
  3. AH If only life was that easy ! On centres there are different gear types forged and cut, and also differing center casings and even differing pin sizes all on the standard 2 pins. To be honest messing about with a 2 pin will prob give you grey hairs and may work 1st time or not. Mixing gears is also a bad idea from mixing wear patterns, the 2 pin centre is already weak enough ! If you now have a 24 spline centre best route would be to upgarde to 24 shafts which even standard are stronger, here is a video, although its on front shafts the 10 / 24 argument is 100% valid ! Hope this helps, ask if you want any more info : Nige
  4. Sorry, "BIG C" has been in family, treatment un derway but I have been a bit absent and remiss on this - Sorry Mo I know I have sorted ... Could I ask anyone who has ordered (got yours doug - but remind me of which you would like ?? ) to just re pm me with which you would like and I'll sort tomm Sorry all, apologies Nige
  5. Just click on fund-o-meter lol 😎
  6. Ashcroft.....no contest
  7. Hi ALL As a Admin / and Owner of www.megasquirt-v8.co.uk with the possible conflict I am staying off this threadwith my personal thoughts and letting members voice their own thoughts experinces and views. I am happy to answer where and whatever you ask if others don't, and happy to chat on phone. But You will love whatever version you go for , its a bit addictive. If you end up going with parts I cant do I know where to point you to to get them, the megasquirt community is slightly incestous lol Nige
  8. One has a pm Mr 😁
  9. https://www.megasquirt-v8.co.uk/ms_faq.php near bottom all V8 specs
  10. Thor top end and Megasquirt it
  11. Simple answer is "NO" Completely differing units, and as sussed will not fit a Long Nose axle. Cutting and rewelding the mounting ring is a seriously bad idea - just the smallest bit out and you'll have serious problems. Swapping axle tube and diff over is a better route ... but widths are different, so front will have narrower track than new rear Nige
  12. Sorry . World of white as the big C has hit 2 family members and run ragged doing 200 mile round trips. Year end . And website hacked ... Sorry will try to contact you tomm. Nige
  13. My lunch box isn't fat off this lol. Bollox to it 10 or 20 kgs is bugger all on most truck reliability strength and pulling power would be higher on my want list ...
  14. Yup, family probs, but no excuse chap will sort monday Sorry Nige
  15. Variable...dependant on product imho