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  1. The main problem I think you are going to have is that with zero preload and thinks loose the CW and the Pinion will have been meshing poorly / incorrectly and as such will have worn incorrectly. If so no amount of re jiggling is going to return it to good, and as such the prints will be poor. Its really more as to how fussy you want to be - salisburys are an ancient diff a la DANA 60 which are clunky anyway even when rebuilt properly, and rarely fail, they will end up making more noise than your ears can take pre failure, so my advice is to do the best you can and then see ho
  2. What is the LR and a pic of the diffs might belp
  3. 2020 from china is going to soon meet 1985 v8 90. Report soon ! If good ill say...if average I will be honest...If they are carp I'll admit to wasting my money....🤣🤣🙈
  4. Stephen. Sent to me by a friend ....poked screen a few times thinking "ots been a awful year" ..then penny dropped ....😊
  5. Well.. On the recommendation of Mr Dangerous Doug I have bought a pair which he has bought and said are bloody good for not much money.. Not much = £50.12 inc vat and UK shipping .and ..that a pair ! E and dot marking etc etc It does seem that anything 7" LR as he says carries a premium price go it ..the exact same for 7"mini is waaay cheaper. At 50 a pair if they are half decent ill be happy ..and if smashed into a tree etc off road won't care. I will do a report/ fitting/ and if any good or carp later when they arrive .
  6. Lol. Having thought about this more ....as i was out last night driving in heavy rain I think the issue is compounded by going from huge white lit road clear as anything...down to dip only and a sort of yellow glow vs bright white. I probably woukd nit have been travelling a quick as I was (which was not that gast) if I only had dip and main ....the LED light bars sort of give a over confidence / ability to see clearly and more so . I think if I go LED the switching from light bar to dip only will be less of a shock if the dip is not just a bit better buy the white
  7. Fantastic.....will be delving deep into these units and pricing..superb and thankyou
  8. My existing lighting is dire...1985 v8 90 . I have a huge frobt LED light bar which is superb lights up the whole road...but when I have to switch off and go to dip beam its like "eeeeek wheres the f road gone ..." lol I have tried bigger bulbs ..still dreadfull So thinking LED headlamps? Seen some at £400 plus (pass) and some as cheap as £38 a pair on bay of E .(,seems too cheap to be any good? ) So. Q1. If E marked are they a legal upgrade on a 1986 truck ?. 2. Which are the ones to go for ...spec..price etc? E
  9. https://megasquirt-v8.co.uk/diff_gearing.php Have a play with my calculator, ................. start with say a stock LR then what you have now ..then work back to get to more facctory standard numbers if truck weighs more then go under on gearing vs over Nige
  10. Some rivett counter will pay daft money for that ! Try some of the facebook Series forums,........ but brace yourself for a level of moronity that reaches levels you will never have encountered ..........
  11. Stephen You sir are a bloody star. I am going to have some id these horrible units cnc made with a monster neodymium magnet with a flange head ( ie socket or spanner to do / undo) as my others having spent an age getting on out for my disabled mate . Lm me your address and when made you can have a freebie 😊 Nige
  12. Iys the actual thread size i am after Not sure if its Bsp Bspt of Cpt.... All.so bloody close 🙄
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