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  1. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Series LR prob 3 - LSD Info

    Its now in bits and being rebuilt ! Complex solid bit of kit, superb condition ! Properly old school HD engineered LSD !
  2. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Series LR prob 3 - LSD Info

    Hi All, On late Series 2A maybe 3 the factory did a very special Factory LSD Diff with a 4.7 CWP. I have had a hunt but can't find much info on them, particularly part number / build info ? Nige
  3. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Just bought a metal detector

    carefull.... https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=cVDR_1525880560
  4. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Anyone going to Kelmarsh who lives near Moi ?

    PMs sent !
  5. Hybrid_From_Hell

    EFI kit suppliers

    try me ? www.megasquirt-v8.co.uk Nige
  6. Hybrid_From_Hell

    New product from xcess4x4

    Prob is A. Time lol I have a 3-4 week lead time and am working prob 5 - 6 days week 10-12 hrs a day ! LOL so much for semi retirement B. Casings could be exchanged from as new to hanging ...I can hear the sqaubbling now lol C. Most peeps who can't weld know someone who can, and the instructions are super clear as to methos of how to do it ! Nige
  7. Hybrid_From_Hell

    New product from xcess4x4

    Hi All, Reason for this product being jumped to the front of the queue is I have bent my casing ! I've done mine winching I think where the rear axle got locked onto something - and it does take much to bend the LR Std casings. Similarly these are going to be for comp safari racers - land ing hard on one wheel bends long side up, and or challenege trucks where peeps are running as I am 35s or current trend 37 treps. I can pretty much just about lift my 35s onto my hubs , 37 treps no way soooo heavy, this trend of 37s in challenges see hugely heavy tyres up in the air say 3 maybe 4 feet or more then coming down hard .... These trusses I made are 3mm Domex, which is a crazy metal grade - 3 x structural strength of mild / s275 steel, so it as if it 9mm, but without the weight, plus, to weld on 6 or 9mm steel to a tube means MORE amps and more distortion. The holes are there to allow pressure washing out, and drain holes too. the fit I hope is as close as I can get - I have 5 x axle casings and they all measure differently ! (LR "Tolerances" so the trick is for me to make a set which sort of fits all casings closely...so far so good, this is mark 1 prototype set. The rear axle is the most prone - longest and thus why there are 3 x bits for rear - 1 x bit goes diff casing to spring seat 2nd bit spring seat to stub, 3rd piece is a 12mm plate on top of spring seat and all 3 welded together, you can even weld the circular spring base plate to the set up as well !"..Plate them locks over the top of the riser plate and the longer Bolts and Nuts etc bolt it all up - see pic All done on solid works, and stress analysis shows that the long side is prone. Short unlikely to bend. Yes the next weak part is the actual end stubs which are friction welded on, but its more than tricky to link to these for all sorts of reasons, and again the stress analysis shows shearing these off will se tube dmage and turn to scrap ...trussed or not ! I have kept the welding and the gaps to weld down to a minimum to stop distortion, and its always a compromise, there is also the "I can make those anyway" peeps like me lol who will look at something and just make it vs spending out.. My idea here was to make them light F strong and priced where it sort of "Cant be bothered to make them when I can but a set at that money" sort of thing. 1st 32 sets were done as a special promotion price on the promises of feedback to make next batch better - so far front is all thumbs up rear coming in now and yes there are some wildly differing axle designs esp around the A Frame ball joint area and enough I will need to find solutions, one is to have the rear made for the worst, with dotted cut lines to remove if not wanted and welded over if needed, or maybe a filet set to cover the various types...time will tell. Also I am going to add top slot in and out for arb lines and brake lines to go in / come out of to protect etc Its been on the to do list for some serious time, I was never impressed with the KAM 6mm plate ones made whilst I was there - were done in a lunch hour as a rough design - and never made better , poor fit means huge weld gaps to plug up = distortion ..heavy ...no drain holes... and not really thought through and pig ugly to boot lol and expensive too ! I am chuffed with these so far but can defo get them better yet ! as with all things LR beef up one bit and you move the weak spot elsewhere, with me doing super strong pegged diffs, and ashcrofts with shafts CVs etc, these seem a natural thing to add to my armoury of options, so far take up stunned me !..as for weak spots mine has moved to bending long rear axle tube and tearing props in half lol Rear pics Nige
  8. Hi all, Have a request ! Anyone going to kelmarsh who could bring a poorly diff back to me please ! Nige
  9. Donations to LR4x4 + "Financial Supporters" Status Levels This forum has been established to provide an independent and open place for discussing and sharing information and activities relating to Land Rovers and related subjects. The forum's independence is maintained by the generous contribution of donations from its members which keeps us free from the influence of outside bodies including magazines or other sponsors, the costs in running LR4x4 and the Bandwidth we use, the hosting costs for a site this size are not "Insignificant", Just to reconfirm - the ENTIRE A&M team gives their times and services for FREE . There are NO Expenses, NO Reimbursements NO Salaries = ALL donations - that's 100% of any Donation - goes 100% to the running of this forum Just Click here for more information  
  10. Hybrid_From_Hell

    OT: Someone as bad as Nige

    Anyone "I Know" JU ?? ??
  11. Is a B1tch .................... I know it is. Been out of MOT for some months, but with being super busy at work (good thing) and having wifeys Mum & Dad both go through Cancer (Not a Good Thing) her being bullied at work and resigned (Not good either) and then Father In Law needing a Pacemaker (not good either) life has been a tad "Busy" As things calmed down (Good thing !) I TOLD my 90 I would sort her out, so webshop closed I got stuck in. The amount needing doing stunned me when it had done so few miles since last MOT, but, most of those were off road. 5 yes 5 F SOLID days I loved her and booked in for an MOT all as certain as I could be. On the bloody way there I stopped at a round about approx 400 yards from MOT station, and the friggin indicator decided to go double time ..yup bulb gone. I shoved it on the MOT bay and shouted "JUST F DONT..... JUST DONT" and shot into the motor factors next door bulb bought changed worked yaaay then came the emissions, ................knew these would be fine so climbed in and turned key NOTHING not even a click. MOT tester had a sense of humor "You might think it can't fail now Nige - but I believe failing to produce a specimen when required is a Fail" Ha de F ha Smack with hammer did nothing, then we saw that the bang I entered the MOT ramp in a grumpy state had fractuired the ignitor wire, so hot as it was and a couple of burns later it passed It hates me even if I love her
  12. Hybrid_From_Hell

    OT: Someone as bad as Nige

    Need pics lol His quote was: "The cartoid artery extends quite far down the face. Whodathunkit? Lost about a pint/pint and a half of blood and had to get the paramedic out. He had a good laugh "
  13. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Ashcroft ATB on road

    Happy you posted my video Sir ...I refrain as its a tricky conflict of interest being an Admin here and running a Differential Business !. To err on the side of caution I rarely will post up anything here contentious for that reason, best safe etc. As to ATB. Ashcroft are very good. Stunning value and a 3rd of the quaife unit which is very very similar. For your purposes Ashcroft are more than enough. Points 1. they can sometimes add more transmission noise than an open diff. 2, You REALLy will need to up grade to 23/24 shafts and CVs whilst ashcroft stuff would be nice, backward fitting earlier standard 23 CVs and half shafts would be a huge strength increase 3. run EP90 no special oils a la LSD stuff needed 4. Oil changes are a must and regularly, damage to centres often turns unit to scrap due to the amount of gears in there, spares are minimal often as I say damage = new unit 5. Front axle will feel as if you have low tyre pressures but you will adjust and learn Nige
  14. Hybrid_From_Hell

    Wound Glue

    Yes, ok, of course this would be a topic from Moi As I have the odd little mishap, a very nice nursey gave me some medical superglue....for erm "Future use(s)" Last weekend I managed to shove a new blade in my stanley knife into my finger nail, cutting it top to quick..and used the last of my Glue after a quick dropping of iodine on the wound, and glued it up. Problem is that was the last of it, spoke to nice nursey as saw her in Sainsburys she said we (general Public) can't buy superglue medical grade and do not use normal stuff...then whispered in my ear you CAN by Vet / medical superglue So I have. Linky here, and there is no comeback on me the forum or anyone else but yourself if you use Vet Medical Grade superglue for them little wounds ... Works a treat, and I haven't started to chase cars yet either Linky : https://www.thevetstore.net/shop/vetbond/ Bye Meow
  15. Hybrid_From_Hell

    MS1 basic fuel & spark map wanted

    These are from a 5.0 TVR I tinkered with Manually load spark and fuel into system, the base settings are my normal ones so these just override what you have

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