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  1. I was sure Soren had a failure of the bronze shims in one of his ATBs, but can't seem to find it. No bronze shims in Ashcroft ATBs or Quaifes ???
  2. http://www.catmag.co.uk/land-rover-specialist-britpart-acquires-allmakes-4x4 Had heard rumours ..now they seem to be correct ...
  3. Keep at it JU.....it will suddenly "click" and you will be a happy clappy!. TIG is one the of the things I am chuffed to bits to have learnt to do.....its amazingly relaxing too ( until it goes wrong:rofl: ) and really is something you'll love to do. Sadly j dont even bother with the MIG now if I can TIG it !.... When I passed mybknsteuctor ....who was brilliant and a hard as nails northerner with evil sense of humour...handed me my certificates and said " here you go Nige .....like when you passed your driving test ....you have a vague clue ....now yoj learn from now on ....and every weld is a chance to improve ". Thouthtvhe was just being a **** at the time...he wasnt... now welded up.today pegged casing 644.....and I have casing 211 on the bench for the rebuild ...I'll show picture of 644...not 211 !. The difference of practise is everything and you will go all nerdy over welding from now on . Keep at it 101% worth the pain and effort.....and anyone thinking of it ....it IS hard but absolutely do learn ....changes your views on welding forever and gives you the ability to bore people senseless checking things like welds on railings at the beach commenting on the undercut...and having a wife look at you sigh and shake head in utter disbelief:D Here you go casing 644 cast steel pre heated and tigged with mild S275 with specula tungsten and dissimilar rods and post heated and cooled... Love tig !!
  4. Well worth it. Wait till you get to tig....like tapping head and rubbing tummy and hopping from foot to foot singing "I'm a little teapot" 😁 You'll love it...!!!
  5. Both britpart and bearmach allmakes have "budget" stuff ...britpart budget and allmakes is truly shocking bearmach but better but still gritty imho. Bearmach often give choice of branded stuff this is fine . I even avoid "G" stuff supposedly oem but iften white box which nobody wants to own up to making ..britpart being the worst I avoid them wherever I can You get what you pay for quality and cheap are not great friends
  6. Ashcroft ATBs front / Rear and or Rear Detriot Locker or even tru tracs are budget but bloody strong and make a huge difference …. vs 2 x Lockers which will blow your budget somewhere near Jupiter Nige
  7. Tk find a part number for the 4.0 serpentine v8 fitted in a disco 2.....which is the front end of my eales 5.2 v8 and the pinp I think has had it !. Help !!
  8. Just done, ....hence if you found board off line it was Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  9. Sorry all, We have had a software upgrade......... that went very wrong ! Now sorted so we are all good to go Sorry for the outage ....I myself had to actually do some work in the meantime - : Nige
  10. The compression is in the pistons not the heads. Changing heads for late ones won;'t really make any noticable difference. NHP & Torque on the 8.13 was way down on a 9.35 / 10.5:1 engines. If it has the pulsair system as well bin that will help a bit, but, to be honest swap block for a 3.9 unit is the route to look at .. Nige
  11. It's in bits.. Had to use serious force to get apart.....full of all.sorts of stuff....but not grease Currently boiling away in my ultrasonic cleaner for clean number erm.... 7 It's bad .....seriously "I should be ashamed of me bad" If it survives I'll do a write up Nige
  12. I have a rear Mounted Hydraulic Mile Marker powered by a class 2 Motor off my LT230 PTO The free spool, er...doesn't, its power in and power out which is a Real pain. Its been horribly abused over the years, so expecting it to need a major clean and polish up of seaized and rusty parts I have never ever had one of these apart, just wondering if anyone has a service manual / pictures of strip down etc, have googled meself daft and found next to foxtrot Anything Anyone have any info / links ? Plus anyone had the freespool stop working and know why ?? Nige
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