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  1. I drove one, albeit on road, when considering my new daily driver toy ...and was utterly underwhelmed Cut test drive short and returned it Not for me as a daily driver, .........and the PCP monthly payments were bonkers !
  2. and his life skills will be the envy of many and highly likely make him all the better person for them Top marks to you !
  3. Its more the time it takes to crank / prime and fire up, its a weird engine !
  4. Trutrac are built front or rear. Rear has more powefull clamping. Ashcroft arb same feont and rear . Put trutrac built for rear (can be changed) and ashcroft atb front
  5. Its an oddball of an engine ! The injectors run at 62 PSI, its 5.2 V8 and 13.4 Compression and a wild cam with Valve over lap It takes around 10 x seconds cranking to Fire when its cold and been stood. The starter has 50mm welding cable as do the earths, and a new starter, basically because its a JED Full race its a bit of a piggy to fire ! Hopefull, sunday I am allowed to play on it and fir the new twins N
  6. Post up screen shot of spark and fuel tables and general settings for starters
  7. Seriously phone up R Tech say Nige @ Megasquirt said if I ask you very very nicely he said you might give me a little discount on the above ... Great guys to deal with and I have sent a few peeps there way and have given them either some freebies or a bit of discount The warranty they give is worth buying from them 101% IMHO Nige
  8. Ah ha .. Mr White is right logic is . A massively expensive say oddessy battery at £400 mighyvgive 100 AH AND 1200 ish cca. Where as withbjjs advise I have bought 2 x 072 batteries (chrosg do the powers and specifications vary !) which when linked together gives me 150 Ah and 1300 Cca for 129 delivered. Some.072s are cheap ....some big bucks a la this https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/product/north-star-nsb-agm-34-78-uk-part-code-072/. I bought 2 x https://www.tayna.co.uk/car-batteries/enduroline/072/
  9. Jon, You know what I am like with electrics ! is there a differece between 2 x 500 CCA 50AH batteries joined up vs 1 x 1000 CCA 100 AH ?? Yes...I am that stupid
  10. behave lol Steve, can we actually even put a Moderator on Mod Approval ? 🙄
  11. My 2 x RR Spec batteries have started to die. 1 x RR battery isn't really enough for the engine (5.2 Full race JED V8). It needs a bucket of Power to start it, then it has twin 40 amp spals and other electrics. So, I need to change , rather than go for 2 x batteries, I would like to go for 1 x Monster bit of kit. Bear in mind the engine is both 5.2 AND High compression, even 1 x Optima Red Top struggles ! Recommendations of really high quality seriously beefy batteries ! (Thank gawd 2 of the 3 winches are all Hydro !) Nige
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