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leaking coolant


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I owen a v6 freelander with a small problem I have a water coolant leaking from the heater matrix.This freelander has 2 air bags fitted ,1 mounted in the steering wheel and the other in the front facer of the dash .Under the font facer air bag is the Air con evaporator, connected by a flexible hose to the heater box which in turn houses the heater matrix .It looks like if I remove the air bag and loosen the evaporator from its mounting and undo the matrix retaining bracket and housing , also the hoses I mite be able to side out the heater matrix with out removing the bash board .I would like to no if any one else has had this problem and has removed the matrix this way or its not possible

I look forward to hear from any one



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Not sure if this will help but the heater matrix started to leak on the Freelander the other month so had a look at new ones!! how much!! and just how much of the car do you have to remove to get them out!! so put some rad flush in then some rad seal, not leaked at all, may fit a new one in the summer, maybe not

but have found a good place to get new rads at half price now tho!


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