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Prime a diesel?

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I'm a diesel neophyte, but I'm trying to learn. I've heard that if a diesel engine runs out of fuel, you'll need to prime the fuel lines either partially or totally. Something I read refered to a hand pump near the engine, but I have no idea what I'm looking for, so I'm having a hard time finding it.

At this point, my engine is running fine. I just want to have a clear understanding of the procedure before I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with an engine that won't start.

What's the procedure? When should it be used? Are there any tips or tricks to make it easier? What tools (if any) are needed? Do any parts need to be replaced during the procedure?

I'm running a 1987 Def 110, 2.5NA Diesel in case it's engine specific.


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It is described in the manual, http://www.landrover.ee/est/varia/downloads/downloads.htm

On the right hand side of the engine near the rear is the fuel lift pump. This has a lever on it for priming. Crack open the air bleed on top of the fuel filter and pump the lever until no air bubles come out. There is also an air bleed on the injection pump which should be bled after the filter.


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You should only need to prime it if you run out of fuel or do some work on the fuel system e.g. change the fuel filter.

I've always found LR engines to be "self priming" though.

i.e. make sure you have a good battery and turn the key 'till it fires up!

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Soon after I got mine (and not being used to the logarithmic fuel guage) I ran out of diesel going up a hill.

Put a few litres in (you need a few to get past the swill pot) and turned the key. It took a while but it eventually came back to life. I felt like a right plum.

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Guest dew110CSW

Ditto what is said above, when we replaced the fuel pipe on the TD we just cranked it over till it fired up and it primed itself.

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