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converting P38a to manual


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I have recently bought a 4.0SE auto which has the engine replaced with a 4.6. At 200k miles the gearbox is showing it's age though...

Being not to keen on auto boxes and wanting something special, I was thinking of converting it to a manual. I have a low mileage Defender R380 available.

Does this swap stand a chance or will it involve a lot of adaptations to make it fit?



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Hmmm . . . i dont know . . . . i wouldn't say it would be drop in fit affair.

The existing gearbox has a computer which talks to the BeCM ( the main car computer ) and also the engine ECU directly. I expect that you would be able to disassociate the gearbox <> engine link without too much fuss, but i'm not sure how happy the BeCM would be about not having a gearbox ECU to talk to. They talk to each other about current speed, throttle position, current gear, engine timing retard for for gear change etc etc etc.

You also got the hi-low switch controlled by the auto gear lever . . . so you'd have to factor that in too.

There were some v8 manuals *i think* , so maybe if you looked at that route you may find some more info specific to the V8's but a first port of call would be to look at how the diesel manual works and interfaced with the other systems.

Personally . . . for the sake of a whole lot less hassle, can you not just drop in another re-con box from ashcrofts or the like and be done?

What is it that you dont like about the auto?

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The 4.0SE was indeed available with a manual box. But they are very hard to find!

It's not that the current box urgently needs replacement, I'm just looking at alternatifs because I can get my hands on the R380.

I must admit the Range Auto is the nicest one I have ever driven, but I still prefer the change gears myself. Just being stubborn and thinking I can do better then the electronics I guess. :ph34r:



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