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New Offroad Club In Northern Ireland!


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We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of OFFROAD IRELAND a brand new "All Makes" Offroad Club based in Northern Ireland!! :D

The Club is MSA approved & registered and now open for new membership applications from anyone with any make of 4x4 and an interest in learning how to drive it safely off road!

Why not come along and see how your Land Rover compares ( and competes! ) off road to a Suzuki / Toyota / Isuzu / Frontera etc.. the more the merrier!

Please take a look at our website at: www.offroadireland.eu or www.offroadireland.co.uk

The clubs first event is on 30th June, details of how to join the Club and what we are all about is all there - we also hope to attend off road events UK wide, so hopefully see/ get to meet some of you soon! ;):)

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Welcome to the Forum & good luck with your club.

Bit far from me though..... :lol:

Thanks for the good wishes, appreciate it!

Never say never, You never know!

Maybe some day you might find yourself in Ireland - and if you fancy a days offroading, feel free to get in touch, we're always happy to meet fellow enthusiasts! :)

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I often find myself in Ireland- but a tad further south than you chaps :ph34r:

Maybe one day I'll cross the boarder...... :lol:

Not a problem either, we already have comittee representation and a presence in the South of Ireland too, and intend doing joint events with our Southern Collegues!

So as I said - never say never! ;):D

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