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Of all the things they could have used to hold the rear mudflaps onto my beloved Rangy, why did they have to use those crazy, massive rivets. There was me thinking I could just unbolt them, but no, that would be too easy. Now I have to take half the car apart to change them, because sawing through those rivets in situ is a gigantic pain...


Or am I missing something really obvious?



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I had the same problem recently. No petrol tank to worry about as it was out while I did the rear floor.

I used a 1.6mm cutting disc and cut in from the rubber side to minimise sparking.

Using a good headshield you can use the grinder "upside down" so the sparks fly away from the tank area anyway.

As I assume you're going to, I used stainless bolts and nuts to hold the replacements.

Good luck,


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