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What axles?


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I don't know what type of axle is fitted to the rear of my 109 Station Wagon.

I think the front may be a Rover one. But I'm not sure about that TBH.

Piccies are here as I haven't worked out how to upload from my computer. (Are they meant to be visible in preview?)

I know its not Salisbury.

I've had some helpful comments on one forum in as much as I'm eliminating stuff.

Apparently it isn't ENV or DANA.

But I still don't know what it is. :huh:

Any views?

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Does the rear diff pictured have a bolt on alloy pinion seal housing ? If not then it's neither a series 1,2 or 2a diff, and not having a flat bottom diff snout like the front one pictured it won't be a series 3. Maybe it's a Santanas own ? don't know, we didn't get them in OZ.


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Whoops, I saw the flat bottomed front one and stopped there.

As Bill says the rear could well be Santana. I understand these to be very similar to the Salisbury internally but mounted in a removable pumpkin like the old rover ones but MUCH bigger.

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