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3.5 V8 Flapper system Diagnostic Manual

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Hi All,

Usefull for those hard to work out 3.5 Rover V8 EFI "Flapper System" Faults.

Before you dive into this also check :

GENUINE Dizzy and Rotor Arm

Decent Leads - not much beats a Genuine set to be honest

NGK BP6RES PLugs NOT Champion esp

Timing light check, does it advance also when you rev up

Coil - NOT an Intermotor one :)

Remove 9th Injector

and in the manual is a 'ByPass bodge' to test the CTS .......which pops and fails for a pastime

TPS at .325 and no huge dead zones

The, after the above and only then go into the 2 manuals :



Thought I had done this previosly but must have forgeotten :)

Hope this helps many on LR4x4


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