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Looking for a decent 'old' 110


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As it says in the title...

I am looking for a vintage 110, with acceptable bodywork (meaning no powder doors, not 'challenged' i.e. dents every where) V8, with or without LPG or just a diesel, Preferably CSW or 5 door variant. I am planning a chassis-up rebuild, converting RHD into LHD if need be.

Where would I start looking, and what would be the budget I would be looking for. At the moment I have 'unlimited' budget, but that is only because the SWMBO has not read this post yet. She will probably cut off funds as soon as the total sum runs towards 6500 pounds, that is AFTER doing it up...

My options would be to

- Look for a V8, keep the V8 or upgrade to 3.9 EFI if the 3.5 is shot... Convert to LPG if the SWMBO tells me to

- Accept a 2.25 or 2.5 Petrol/Diesel and spoon in a 300Tdi, or V8

- Find a readily converted one and be happy with it.

The conversion to LHD will be done eventually, as will a chassis replacement if I see the need for welding

Another option is to completely build up a 110, as I have a 'V5' from a Belgian licensed 3 door 110 from 1984, buying the bodywork and drivetrain to spec. What budget would I be looking at then? I know it is not really legal :ph34r::ph34r::ph34r: , but I have papers from the previous vehicle and the reason for 'dismantling' I could make it a 'Haynes' one, by telling the local DVLA that 'assembly is the reverse of disassembly'

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If it works out, you may consider doing up a few more LHD. As of next year the 1983 model will become legal for import into the US. With 12 year old 100,000 + V8 models selling in the US for upwards of USD 40,000, there's a tidy little business in it. Also, the US doesn't have the DVLA points system issues. All it needs is documentation for an age appropriate chassis and a more than 15 year old Land Rover engine (EPA exemption) and it is valid for importation. So if that 1984 110 V5 turned into a crew cab 200 tdi in LHD in good shape, you would have a GBP 20,000 vehicle to sell in the States in 2009...

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Thanks RPR... The reason for me to get a vintage one is because I am looking to move over to the States... Not to sell the beast, but to drive it myself. I might think about that little business-on-the-side that I might start there then...

By the way, nice report and pictures of you in Moab in the NA edition of LRM...

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