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  1. Doubtful. The speedo hasn't been connected to anything for at least 12 years...
  2. Seems better 😎 Thanks for the advice.
  3. Will reset ce soir and report back.
  4. Engine is a V8 3.5 block with a 3.9 top end and 14 CUX. Stepper motor has less than 350 miles on it. On start up, gets an immediate surge to @ 1500 rpm, then drops down in three "steps" to steady idle at 700 rpm. Takes a few seconds. Idles fine. When driving, it wants to stay in high revs as I downshift, such that after letting off throttle and rolling up to a traffic light, it will remain at 1500 - 1700 revs until braking starts to cause a stall, or after what seems an unduly long amount of time, it will drop to idle. Checked throttle cable and assembly - no sticking and drops cleanly to rest. So, thoughts? Vacuum leak?
  5. Look, you're in the wrong place to get someone to talk you down off the ledge. You've got wings. Fly. Take the money with you and soar with the eagles. and more pics once you have bought them pls 😉
  6. Ok, a few more pics
  7. Drive to the front wheel is a shaft with UJoint connection to a mitre box over the forks. I don’t know the degree of arc, but in hard turns, drive is interrupted at the mitre box.
  8. And palatial digs at base camp 😆
  9. The tangent being that if the Wilks brothers had designed a motorbike, it would have been very like a Rokon: underpowered, no suspension, slow, but 2x2, easily field repairable, and largely unstoppable. So, with my SIII getting a new expansion tank and a new bracket fabbed, I took the Rokon with us on a trip to Rifle, in Garfield County on Coloardo’s western slope. If the tangent is too much of a stretch for the Mods, my apologies. We’ve had a long, late Spring in Colorado and it will be snowing up on the Roan Plateau at 8,500 - 9,000 feet tonight. These pics were taken yesterday and it was sunny and dry but in the Fifties and Sixties. The Roan Plateau stretches out East - West from Rifle Gap about 10 miles west and ends in @3,500 ft cliffs overlooking rifle. The area is crisscrossed with deep gulches, tiny creeks and a few trails dating back to the 1950s when the area, designated the Naval Shale Oil Reserve, was explored. A few boreholes around and some high Summer pasture. But during my @ 35 mile trip yesterday, I didn’t see another soul up there and cattle haven’t yet been brought up from the valleys. Trails are some quite decent dirt roads where I could get the Rokon’s top speed of about 35 mph on, to bumpy twin-track (Greenlane without the green), to some rocky/shaley broken ground, especially in and out of creeks and gulches. Hope you enjoy pics
  10. That's the problem with these new fangled, untested coil springs. Nobody has any idea. It's all finger-in-the-wind and maybe it'll work. Plus all the extra bits that nobody really understands. "Control arms" and the like... You don't want any of that gubbins. Leaf springs and a calloused arse are all you need! 😂 And possibly some dental work when your teeth rattle loose now and again...
  11. 😅 That's a high tech cooling management system component, ie a section of dryer tubing that runs from the heater vent over the side. The V8 gets hot and especially at 10,000 ft plus in the summer, keeping it cool is hard. So, last ditch is heater on full, driver's side vent shut and the elephant's trunk hanging out the passenger side.
  12. Not SoA, just Volvo C303 axles.
  13. Use a no-ground plane aerial and mount it to the wing. That one is a "Firestick".
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