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Increased London Congestion charge for high emmision cars


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Hi All,

My monthly MG magazine has just highlighted this one to me:-


Looks like we'll all be paying £25 from next October if Red Ken get this new idea off the ground!!!!

Apparently the "consultation period" ends on the 19th of Oct 07 ...so get your views in quick.



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We are the baddest people in hell and should be expunged from existence... fancy having a motor vehicle in this day and age!

I feel like this is getting silly now... on Monday, fuel prices are set to increase (more you use, more you pay) then we have the incremental increase on road tax based on manufacturer's emission figures. Then we have have congestion charge. Tax on insurance, a legal requirement that everyone with a vehicle must have. Then the MOT system has been overhauled and a set price system in place. Last year my MOT man couldn't do my test as his gas tester wasn't working properly.... and despite the fact that my Classic doesn't need one, and he can ignore the results on the test, he still couldn't do it.

The Govt. want you to drive, otherwise there really would be efficient and capable public transport, that didn't cost a fortune. What they really want is to just tax us to death for the privilege of owning a vehicle.

Why was the 25 year rolling tax bracket stopped? I think it was to encourage the use of modern fuel efficient vehicles (and another dose of VAT on the purchase). Not to mention the fact that every year, a few vehicles might actually become historics, which to be fair is most likely to be cherished classics that spend most of their time being polished as opposed to driven (excluding venerable work horse LandRovers).

Money, money money. I am never likely to drive into London, or let alone too it... but when a statement came out saying it was too successful, and people were really avoiding it, so we arn't getting the revenue we wanted, so we're going to have to put the prices up! I thought that showed the true nature of the scheme.

Manchester is considering it, and yet evidence gathered actually indicates a reduction in traffic anyway, rather than the quoted increase. I could actually end up crossing the outer limit whilst traveling to work in Audenshaw, which isn't near the busy bits.

The nearest town to me is Ashton, which has just allowed a town centre IKEA to be built, subjecting a massive increase on traffic to the town centre! The council 'never' even said who was building it, it was a simple retail premises with parking (next to an existing site with a Sainsbury's on it. The council and gov't are just the same, money, money money.

I like to think I do my bit for the environment as I cycle to work and back, and no longer go offroad as the desire to do so, isn't as strong as it once was. I fancy a small car as a run around and I'm trying to find one in band B of the tax scale as I only need a run about. But why don't these ministers and officials lead by example? I'd like to see the Cabinet driving Prius's!

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