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  1. rtbarton

    What IS causing this?

    I'm sure I read somewhere that people remove the oil seals between the swivels and the banjo casing to even up the pressure and keep the swivels topped up. Not done this myself. Make sure the seal is fitted the right way round.
  2. rtbarton

    What IS causing this?

    Check that the axle breather is clear.
  3. rtbarton

    2-Speed wiper wiring diagram / switch pics

    Well spotted I would have sworn black was white I had 2 speed wipers, mind you, note yesterday's date
  4. rtbarton

    2-Speed wiper wiring diagram / switch pics

    Here you go
  5. rtbarton

    Series 2a/3 clutch

    Is it a 2a or a 3? The slave cylinder arrangement is different. First thing to try - release the bleed screw on the slave cylinder and try pressing the pedal. If fluid comes out and the pedal moves then the master cylinder should be OK. If the pedal still doesn't move then suspect the master cylinder or the pipework - it's not unknown for the rubber flexible pipe to deteriorate internally and form a blockage. The pedal could have seized on its pivot. Make sure the slave cylinder pushrod returns completely when the pedal is up, and there should be slight play between the pedal and the pushrod when the pedal is up. Check the pedal return spring.
  6. rtbarton

    Steering relay refurbishment

    There isn't a ratio, they're a direct coupling between input and output. The ratio of the lengths of the arms will affect the steering ratio, but AFAIK there is no choice of lengths.
  7. rtbarton

    Steering relay refurbishment

    To say at the outset, there is a really really really strong spring in there. If you drift the shaft out do so inside a strong canvas bag. The conical split bushes and the surfaces they bear on can wear, as can the splines where the arms attach.
  8. rtbarton

    Series 3 300tdi servo

    My very late Ex MOD 109" had the switch on the servo, as well as a pedal-travel switch to indicate worn shoes or a leak and the fluid level switch.
  9. rtbarton

    Series 3 300tdi servo

    The wire and switch will be a warning for vacuum loss.
  10. rtbarton

    Any point soaking a spigot bush?

    Wipe the excess oil off before fitting. If the end of the primary motion shaft is a tight fit in the bush excess oil may allow hydraulic pressure to build up and force the bush back out.
  11. rtbarton

    Any point soaking a spigot bush?

    Thin engine oil, 24 hours. I used to keep sintered bushes in a tub with oil in it so when I wanted one it had already been soaked.
  12. rtbarton

    Any point soaking a spigot bush?

    I was taught to soak sintered bronze bushes so the oil soaks in and they stay lubricated. They were known as "Oilite" bushes, so I guess from the name they require oiling.
  13. rtbarton

    Rear axle

    You may get some idea if you can compare it with the front. Make sure the wheels are dead ahead and 4wd is NOT engaged. There may be more resistance due to the UJs in the hubs, but not much.
  14. rtbarton

    Rear axle

    Can you compare it with another vehicle? EDIT Try it with both rear wheels off the ground (chock the front because you'll lose the handbrake). With one wheel still on the ground you're causing the planet wheels in the diff to rotate round the sun wheels at the same time as driving the pinion through the crownwheel, both of which will give appreciable resistance
  15. rtbarton

    Fuel and air filter, why?

    If you wait until they start getting blocked you may have already caused damage, so best to replace them whilst there's still some life left in them.

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