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Diff Differences


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I'm looking down two empty RRC engine bays. One's my '73 and the other is a '91.

Going only by eye the front axle on the '91 looks a hell of a lot beefier then the one on the '73. The flanged/buttressed casing between the diff and prop shaft flange seems way bigger/longer. But then it's hard to tell jumping between two vehicles.

Is this an optical illusion or not. It's important cause I'm transplanting the TD5 eng./g'box that was successfully (and nicely) transplanted into the '91 over to my '73. So should I or can I just use my earlier original axles or will I have to do axle swops too?

AFAIK my original axles are in good order although the 3.9EFI I had transplanted prior to this was misfiring badly at the end and sending huge violent shunts of power down the drive train. Would this have damaged/twisted my half shafts, diffs etc?

Or should I be thinking of using the late axles anyway cause they're better/stronger/lighter or something?


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