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  1. I got back working on the RR again this week! We'll see how impressed you remain Davo lol. Not sure where episode 7 will land in terms of feature content but I'm looking forward to the next RR bit, another episode or two and it'll be caught up to present day. Not long after that it'll be out and I'll be able to drag in the '73. I asked the guy in Athens what his impressions of the 348TB were, he said it just wants to be driven fast. Then I asked the same about the Morgan, he said if the Ferrari wants to be driven fast, the Morgan wants to be driven even faster. I'm not fussed to be honest, it's just a hand crafted beautiful thing, it's a bonus that it's got guts.
  2. Hi gents, well I've been offline for quite some time because I've been focussed on a new series I was hinting about on and off for ages. It's finally live after a year of earnest work. Hope it's appropriate to post it and hope you like it...\ George
  3. I think it's like Sid said in E.04: "You walk away when it tinkles you off". Difference is I just walk away to another car Daan I do get major dips in motivation though. Sometimes it's very difficult to keep working.
  4. Whats up guys. Bowie I only noticed after the fact, its not a big deal I don't get asked to protect the registrations, I just do it to cover myself. Thanks for keeping an eye out Interesting quirk I noticed though, the Morgan can reflect itself. Has to be pretty unique amongst modern cars. I have a Mini in the wings Daan, may well drag that in when one of the current projects finished, if things continue to gain momentum. It'd be a straight resto because its a limited edition but I've had an ultimate Mini spec in my mind going back to the late '90's Id love to build sometime. Stiffened body and subframes, evacu-sump system and supercharged. And I love my RR with more modern gear. Thats coming soon. Davo beat me to the link there Andy, once you're there click the subscribe and the little bell icon (on desktop youtube only) to get notifications. Deadly to know someone in WA is watching! (please do share with car buddies) Sid its really nice (and new) to have someone be complimentary about SOUP in the same sentence as Project Binky. Oh and the Irish accent may be a secret weapon in some places but when it comes to Irish girls all bets are off for any race, colour or creed You English bhoys are def cat nip for the USA ladies.
  5. There are some amazing offroad caravans out there, not that you necessarily need one but they tend to be a more practical size and shape for towing and far sturdier. Can't think of the name of the last one that impressed me but I'm sure you've been looking at them anyway. Always fancied building a small wooden teardrop caravan, but I never have because I doubt I'd use it. Something like this...
  6. lol! I have you beat there, I have them weekly and I tell myself that I mean it every time. Anyone else got folders on the computer full of model specific accessories and car inspiration that would make up whatever vapour fad was on at any given moment? I've only ever followed through on one, but I'm just getting started What the flavour at the moment Mike?
  7. well having read this thread (for the second time, having no recollection of it from '08) I have a slightly different understanding. To me it's about a dream build, regardless of attainability, and not necessarily far fetched. Or the formulation of same in your head, whether it's followed through or not.
  8. Vapourware rings a bell too! Google produces only a lot of electronic cigarette hits for "vapour build" search, which kind of makes sense. LR4x4 comes up on the first page amongst them. It's a nice phrase. I'm taking it back.
  9. So I found myself saying "vapour build" whilst talking about [another] classic car fantasy I'm having, in my upcoming youtube episode. So I Googled it because I was all of a sudden very aware that I'd no idea where I'd picked up the phrase. The only car related mention I found was here Is it really a LR4x4 coinage!?
  10. I've an intermittent problem on my Td5 Disco where one headlamp doesn't come on sometimes until I flash the full beam which seems to kick start it. I don't know the technicalities of this but it's as if the circuit has an obstruction and needs the higher voltage to force it's way through. Anyway, could you be experiencing an advanced version of the same thing?
  11. It was one of those "friend of a friend at JLR" things but someone said that they've had dogs abuse over the design of the D5 and it's a bit of a sore point.
  12. Ask for a card reader. They generally come with ports for all types of card [SD, CF, MicroSD etc] so one reader will serve any camera/device you might have in the future. Make sure it's USB 3.0 speed or higher, it's the speed of data transfer and it makes a big difference to amount of life wasted watching a progress bar. 3.0 is 10x faster than 2.0 os don't be fooled.
  13. I love some of the expressions on the faces caught in the moment. Congrats on what looks like an event that brought enjoyment to many!
  14. Oh laugh it up Davo, I was trying to bring the humour in it to the fore. At the time I didn't really think about it at all once I was out, save to make a mental note never to show anyone. It's only with hindsight that I'm a little more sober about it. The VW's are hot items these days, and there's a real following for the still branded workhorses. that blue red and white one was branded for some steiner beer or other so I'd say some people would have wet themselves over it. And I know there are some who'd endeavour to save it regardless, but you'd spend less time building a better machine if you put a new one together from scratch for the amount of panel work you'd have to replace. Anyway, LR! The Vogue is coming on, I'm into the other side already and soon I'll have to hit the back end. It needs a rear cross but I'm more concerned about finding an alloy boot floor for it.
  15. Yeah sould be ok, least for the medium term. I've never heard of that hose delaminating. Oh and good luck!
  16. lol thanks Davo! Starting to get itchy for a drive of something un-modern at this stage!
  17. I have to find the chops to tackle the rear end of the Vogue, then find the cash for an alloy floor and rear cross. THEN! it's time to take a 2 door to it's component parts, rebuild and the most important part... continue to not treat it like it's some rare and delicate little flower.
  18. Had a look just now, I've placed six orders with Island 4x4 in total, the first one going back to 2011. All shipped to Ireland and all arrived without issue. I like Island 4x4. Dear Island 4x4. It's great that you came on to respond. You haven't addressed the actual problem though so it reads more like you came just to say "sod off". Not good for business. If the OP had gotten some communication from you he might not have posted in the first place. A simple "we're sorry we didn't get back to you in good time and we're making every effort to make sure our sales support is top notch", shows professionalism and that you care about each and every one of your customers - even if you hate the OP's guts and you're not doing squat to up your communication game. That little bit of acknowledgement would give you the chance of having his custom again, and that of anyone else who sympathises with him. Judging by their website, the OP is a member of a very active and motivated club. It doesn't matter how many parts you send around the world if your prospective customers feel as though there's no guarantee they'll hear from you again once the order is placed. I've had no reason to doubt your service in the past, but when it comes to placing another order, of course I'll have question whether your the right supplier. Before you tell me to sod off, I've written this because I'd like to know you're there when I need stuff, not because I want to have a go. George
  19. Hope they bought you lunch for the free rust proofing Not mad on the interior styling but believe the Excel is a fine car.
  20. That Esprit is overpriced, unless there's been a jump since I started the videos, I haven't kept up. You'd have one in from the UK all paid up for half that if you kept your eye out. And if a project came up, which is unlikely but possible, you could potentially have it for less then €10k.
  21. Deadly! Had a good old rumage around there. You should have shown this right off the bat! Love the "grinder-fu" tagline on the website Edit: nicely done lads
  22. How much oil did you lose before you twigged it!? I 'forgot about' a badly perished ATF hose on the D2 only to leave a 100m flush of pink on a very leafy residential street. Made apologies to some people who came out to help but they wouldn't let me clean the road! I've always wondered about the Excel but never had someone I could ask an objective opinion of before, what did you think of it? It's an addiction no joke. I've seen two more cars in the last few days and I'd have them both even though I don't even necessarily feel like doing anything with them . What's mind after mouse?
  23. You've been keeping your powder dry Mike, spill the beans?
  24. Haven't made any Lotus show at all yet unfortunately, I've had the car nearly two years now and I've spent the greater portion of that time doing nothing but whatever needed to be done to get the series going. Including missing important weddings and the like. Were you there? How come?