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HELP - I can't get my stub axle back on


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Hi guys,

So I've just spent most of the day overhauling the front swivel. New top and bottom bearings and pins.

The swivel is all back together, preload set - all looks fine.

But when I fit the drive shaft and the stub axle, the swivel won't turn from lock to lock.

It looks like the CV is contacting the inner surface of the stub axle.

The bronze bush (which I didn't touch) is protruding about 1mm from the stub axle.

Have I not seated the drive shaft correctly?


thanks all

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Guest diesel_jim

You find that sometimes... remove the stub axle, grab the bit of the splined shaft of the CV thats sticking out, and give it a good wiggle whilst pushing it in... :P ... it should go in another 1/2" or so.

then the stub axle will fit on properly.

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