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Odd one - DC Tig Ali welding!?!?


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Not sure there are enough tiggers on the forum to support tig questions(?) but thought I'd ask anyway.

Anybody ever DC tigged ali - I thought it wasn't possible until I saw this:


I'm not gonna buy them as I have a tig with AC function now, just wondering if anyone has used these?

Cheers, Al.

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To my understanding of the welding process of ali AC is used to 1 heat the material so it melts and to then 2. burn through the "skin or oxidisation"of the weld pool to actually allow you to weld it.Hence the square wave and the frequency adjustments required.

I can't see how the rod would make a difference but i'd like to know more myself.

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Exactly. It says it has a flux in the rod - is that gonna make it like arc welding?

I wonder if it leaves a slag on the tig weld - now that is odd!

I'm kinda tempted just to do it as an experiment. (But I'd rather leave it to someone who knows what they're doing!!!).


Al. :)

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