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Freelander wiper mechanism.

Les Henson

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The wiper mechanism on a Freelander is remarkably easy to replace - the only difficult bit is removing the flimsy plastic clips that hold the plastic outer panel in place. The problem with the vehicle in this thread is that one of the wipers has stopped working while the other is ok. To gain access to the mechanism the plastic panel surrounding the wipers has to be removed, and the method of replacing the mechanism is as follows-

The rubber strip comes off first. At each end there is a plastic hook on the panel that goes inside the seal. Stretch it a bit to get it off the hook.



Pull the top of the seal backwards and there are 5 plastic pegs that pass through the panel, seal, and scuttle lip. Carefully lever them out and the seal will then come away.


Note how the lower part of the seal is fitted.


Each wiper arm is held to the mechanism by a 13mm nut concealed by a plastic cap. Carefully lever the caps off with a small screwdriver, then undo the nut. The arms will be a tight fit, so lever it backwards and forwards until they come off.




There 6 plastic pins that secure the panel to the lower part of the windscreen frame - they have a cross in them but will not unscrew - again carefully lever each one out, taking care not to break them.



The internal part of the clip has 4 legs, when you come to re-fit the clip, be careful not to damage them or they will not hold the panel securely.



The panel will now lift off and the wiper mechanism will be visible. Unplug the wiring.


The mechanism is held in place by 3 x 10mm bolts - one at either end and a central one close to the motor.




The mechanism will now twist and lift out of the scuttle. The ball joint connection had dried up and had finally seperated.


The new mechanism comes without the motor, so you need to swap it over.


Undo the 13mm nut that holds the motor spindle to the arm - retrieve the star washer and then remove the three 10mm bolts that hold the motor to the mechanism. Pull the plug off it's tab.




Swap the motor over onto the new mechanism


Bolt the new mechanism in place, reconnect the wiring plug and re-fit the panel - making sure that it sits around the bonnet hinge arms.


Turn the ignition on and switch the wipers on and off so that the mechanism is set in the wipers down position, then fit the wiper arms back on so that they are clear of each other and at the bottom of the screen without being on the panel.


Before fully tightening the nuts, turn the wipers on and off once more to make sure that they park correctly.

Replace the clips - taking care that all 4 legs go through the square hole, then the seal, stretching it over the two hooks and making sure the lower part of the sel is between the top of the scuttle panel and the top panel - push the plastic pegs back through their holes.


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