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Axle paint


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Having had my shotblasted axle returned preprimered and ready to go, I gave it a couple of coats of hammerite.

I have sandblasted the front swivels and brake calipers myself and given them two coats of Galvafroid (Note: the site of a cleanly shotblasted swivel housing was proper porn :moglite: ).

Unfortunatly I have noticed that the hammerite chips of really easily and want to protect the paint from the rigours of the road.

I was thinking of a light coating of underseal or the like on top which is a bit more pliable and will resist chips.

But.....I have seen underseal peel off before and the axles will obviously take a proper hammering.

So any thoughts on what I can coat the axles, and front swivels with to preserve the exisiting coatings?

Thanks in advance as always.

Cheers :)


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How about a tougher coating, such as Stone Chip?


Hi Les,

Thanks for the quick response.

Do you have any recommended brands? A brush applied coating would be best as the garage isn't quite ready for spraying (too much in the "assembly area" :D ).



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