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Hi Newbie plus question re steps


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Hi there

Yesterday I bought a TD4 HSE Auto on a 54 plate. Not actually sure if I like it yet, am hoping it will grow on me!

I took delivery this morning of a pair of side steps (the genuine LR ones) and encountered two problems, one being the 'special' tool that you are meant to use to fit them - a M6 Rivnut/Nutsert which I obviously don't have, spoke to Brooklands who said it can be remedied with a longer bolt etc which I understand and can deal with. The only other thing is that there are supposed to be predrilled holes in the sill and the chassis, found the chassis ones ok but cannot find the ones on the sills? Does that mean I have to drill them myself?

Thanks in advance for any help and I hope to be a regular poster.

Cheers, Darren

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The holes will be on your sills but should be covered with a circuler sticker if it hasnt had side steps in the past. If you can find the holes further inboard on the chassis they are directly opposite on the sill. No drilling is required.

Cheers Marc, I'll have another look when it warms up a bit!

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