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Mk 2 freelander?


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Was told today that in 2000/1 the freelanders were rebadged the old x, xi, xie becoming the S, GS, and SE respectively.

Does this also mean that these rebadged cars are now referred to as Mk 2 freelanders?

I also beleive some other changes took place regarding headlamp changes etc.

Was the problem related to the headgaskets rectified in these later models ie upgraded head gaskets or would these later models still have been fitted with the same engine probs?

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Believe the re badged models coincided with the TD4 engine,, ie a Xi would have the old diesel, the GS being TD4 diesel

The main headlamp change, came in 2004 with the face lift models

All year 1.8 petrol's i believe suffered the head gasket problem !!

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