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Rusty headlight retaining rings

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Ref my post of yesterday. I am surprised no one has come up with an aftermarket solution although sadly not surprised to discover more vehicles have experienced this problem recently but apparently not on older vehicles. The parts must have been better quality in the "good old days". I have owned 7 Land Rover 109/110's over the last 25 years and although some improvements have been made to more recently built vehicles there are also a number of areas where the build quality has deteriorated.

Dissapointing features about my vehicle are:

Chrome rings as mentioned.

Rusty screw heads - rear/doors/bonnet etc. These were all replaced under warranty and rusted again within weeks. I then insisted they should be replaced with stainless steel and now have no problems with them. Would be better if vehicles were built using stainless in the first place - they would cost all of about £1 extra per vehicle! (Screwfix Direct)

Bumper & rear crossmember rusting - bumpers used to be galvanised.

Strips down the sides connecting the hard top to the body rusting badly - used to be galvanised.

Internal handle on rear door. Now very lightweight, hardly dare touch it in case it bends or breaks.

Rear door does not have a means by which it can be kept open for loading. I have to park vehicle according to the incline if I need the door to stay open. Also problem in wind.

General corrosion caused by dissimilar metals in contact.

Wheel mounted on read door. Rear door just about to collapse due to weight.

Door bottoms blistering.

Does anyone else wish to add to this tale of woe?


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I think you just about covered it. No one minds when a car starts to rust or fall apart (within reason) but when it didnt used to becuase the parts were better then we do mind!! I posed in the last thread that my 24 year old chrome rings were still looking great and now i replaced them (becuase I broke them) with whats on offer and hear they will be rusted within a year. I also found that when I fitted them the lamp rattles around a little bit in them ebcuase they dont tighten up properly.

It seems that most car companies cut corners and if they cut enough they will actually save a fortune when you add up the number of vehicles they produce. I guess it keeps the after market parts people in business with upgraded parts.

I could never understand why the rear cross member isnt just bade out of box section steel? Wouldnt that be easier and stronger and alst longer than using thin steel thats been folded and spot welded in about a million places?

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