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RRC Trailing arms thread size


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As it's cold and dark outside :)

And I'm thinking of ways to make my back end articulate more, and also fresh from a visit to donnington show, it struck me that its not hard to make trailing arms with rose joints at the end.

I'll have to make the mounts up though, but shouldn't be too hard.

So to get back to the question, anyone know what thread size and pitch are the rear trailing arms?


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On my build I'm replacing the whole arm with new tube to suit a 3/4" rod end (or use M20 for ease of finding bolts). The original bush tube is then welded to the end of the new tube. For a mount I've made a plate which bolts onto the original 3 holes with a piece of 60mm channel welded onto it to accept the rod end.

If you just screw a rod end onto the existing thread it makes the arm too long for this easy mounting route, hence why I'm making all new arms.

Total cost for mine approx £40 plus about 4 hours fabrication time. Not bad I think!

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