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Who knows this Smurfs blue offroad Disco?


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Traded it for my '82 Range Rover 200Tdi, and would like to know some history on it. So if somebody knows the former owner making it such a nice vehicle to drive? Has got a rollcage by RJ Harvey, and a few other mods. As told to me as told to the car salesman who had it for just a week, the specs:

* 24 splines axles with ARB airlocker en compressor.

* Huskey winch with dyneema rope

* super heavy duty winchbumper with a-bar

* super heavy duty rear bumper

* super heavy duty tank guard

* super heavy duty steering guard

* galvanised rock sliders

* 2" heavy duty springs

* Bilstein shocks

* solid chassis with lowered spring mounts

* RJ Harvey external/internal cage

* 4 point seatbelts

* fully polybushed

* 2 alternators

* 2 100 Ah batteries

* Pacet heavy duty electric fan.

* home made snorkel

* 235/85-16 General Grabber M/T

It has got 2 stickers on the rear side window saying 'http://www.muddyweb.co.uk' and one for the 2003 London to Brighton Run.

I'd like to know who has owned this before and did al these nice mods. It's lovely to drive, both off-road and on-road at 70 miles/hour.

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That's the guy I traded the car with.

Just want to know some more of its UK history now... He only had it for a few weeks after deciding he wanted to sell it.

Does somebody remember what magazine it was in? I only have LRO dating that much back.

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