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R380: Removing the input shat without effort ?


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Hi all,

My early (may 94) R380 is suffering from the well known can't_change_from_5th_to_4th disease, and this easter I plan to remove the gearbox from the disco. According to the overhaul manual, first I have to remove the extension housing, centre plate, forks, etc... and then, and only then, I gain access to the 4th gear baulk ring.

My questions are: can I substitute the baulk ring just removing front cover and gearcase ? can I stick out the input shaft or interferes with the layshaft ?



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Last time I had a R380 apart the lever-action of trying to spread the input shaft/mainshaft away from the layshaft meant that fifth gear was trying to force itself together. Nearly impossible without damaging components such as the intermediate cover bearings.

If you contact Ashcrofts they maybe able to do a cheap rebuild of just the 4th gear and the associated layshaft nut that must be removed to remove the layshaft and give acces to removing the input shaft

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Hi minivin,

Thank you for your answer. I have a BN R380 bought from Dave (great guy) last summer, but it's a pity to trow it in a LR that I'm planning to sell in medium-to-short time.



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