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24v male plug


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The NATO plug doesn't differ for voltage. Usually plenty on ebay or try C&S Tat via the EMLRA web site. If wiring to a civvy board, do a search, my wiring pin outs have been posted several times.

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I'll post again ;) I have it saved.


A, Spare (Red/Blue)

B: Left hand stop (Red)

C: Convoy (Green/Black)

D: Earth (White)

E: tail and number plate light (Brown)

F: Fog lamps (Black)

H: Spare

J: right hand stop light (Blue)

K: Aux positive

L: Earth (Red/White)

M: Left hand indicator (Yellow)

N: right hand indicator (Green)

And to convert it to a seven pin:

Yellow 1 to M Left hand indicator

Blue 2 to F fog lights

White 3 to D Earth

Green 4 to N right hand indicator

Brown 5 to E tail and number plate light

Red 6 to B and J Left hand stop right hand stop light

Black 7 to E tail and number plate light

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No prob

HST Head, side and tail

ST Side Tail

T Tail

SC Side and Convoy

C Convoy

Convoy light shines on the white paint on your rear diff

Either of the convoy positions stop the brake light and indicators working, handy if a chav mobile is tailgating you :hysterical:

DO NOT fiddle with your infra red switch, you will invoke Lucas, the prince of darkness, and your lighting will die on a moonless rainy night in the middle of nowhere.

Sign up for the EMLRA forum, could come in very handy for 24V advice. http://forum.emlra.org/index.php

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