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Hi people.

I have a 90 defender and a Steel Tubed Roof Rack with Ladders (heavy). I know it eats fuel but has anyone noticed a significant difference in their fuel consumption, its just I cant be bothered to take it off! Do you guys remove yours?

When I do come to remove it I always find that I need it. dennis

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I dont think the roofrack on its own makes much difference to consumption, as Mike says, the vehicle already has the aerodynamics of a garden shed.....its only when you start adding substantial weight onto the rack and/or items that are themselves not aerodynamic, that you see a difference in consumption.

Mine lives up there all the time and never comes off.

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With the roof bars unloaded I get approx 1 to 2 mpg less... add a ladder and I get somewhere between 5 and 6 mpg less than with the car 'clean'. Yes the Landy has all the aerodynamics of a pair of mating housebricks - why on earth would you want to make that worse? ;)

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