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lockheed calipers

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Hi folks,

I've bought a set of 110 lockheed calipers 3247-684 / 3247-681 second hand,

I think the LR code for them is RTC5573 but i'm not 100% sure

The securing pins i've bought don't fit through the holes in the caliper

I think i may have bought the wrong pads and/or pins

How do i positively identify the LR code of the calipers without the Vehicle number?



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perhaps the retainer pin holes are just slightly corroded up, run a drill bit through them till the retainer pins fit, if these calipers are for non-ventred discs then you need retainer kit rtc5001, if their vented disc calipers you need retainer kit stc8575 thats the only 2 kits used.

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