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2.25 camshaft


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Can anyone help with this camshaft query?

The cam in my 2.25 petrol has multiple keyways (I though normally camshafts have one) there is a small centre punch mark on one of the keyways, I have taken this as being the marking “P” in the manual (as there are no other marks) and there are no “P” marks on the camshaft pulley so it has been lined up as per the manual,


trouble is that although both valves are closed at TDC, there is no compression (been rebored etc, etc) the inlet seems to “hang” open for too long and the plugs are not getting wet, presumably because there is no induction through the manifold (I have checked the carb) there is no suction on the carb and when spinning the engine it actually blows out of the carb, so I am assuming that the cam is up to 90deg retarded

Has anyone seen these camshafts before or had a similar issue, can you recommend a fix? The only way I see of getting around it is to put a dial wheel on the pulley and try and work it out or get a new cam and pulley with markings on

Thanks in advance for your assistance

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