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Totally OT but urgent help required!!

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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the off topic, I dont make a habbit of it, but Im in the creek, a very long way up without a paddle.

Long story cut short - placed a Cobra replica on ebay - sold it to a German fellow - happy days.

Then, went to move it yesterday, wont start - new dizzy, plugs, leads, fuel pressure ok.

Took it to the local garage, hes diagnosed the ECU as faulty - getting no form wave on the scope to the throttle body injectors.

As said its a replica, fitted with a small block chevy 304 (5ltr ish) with the throttle body and electrical gubbins from a chevrolet camaro circa 1989.

Now the guy is coming from Germany on Friday - I need an ecu by then!!!!!!!!!!

Any ideas? Breakers?

The local ecu repair guy has no specs to repair to.

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No wave on the scope could be it's not seeing a signal from the crank/dizzy pickup, not sure how much diagnostics you done.

Cheers mate, checked and double checked, certainly the ecu.

And I have one!!!

These guys are very very good for American car parts http://www.americancarparts.co.uk/contacts.html

He had three in stock!

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