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mount positions again

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is there any definative paper work giving positions of gearbox mount etc? also can i find out what was originaly fitted in my 110 when it was made by using the chassis number?

Log book says it was a 110 V8 SW in 1984........... when i bought it it had a 2.5petrol/LT77 in it...... im trying fit a 3.5/LT85 as this is what i thought it would been fitted with new.

Both gearbox mounts are bolted through the chassis, if theyd been moved for the 4 pot set up id of thought theyd have been welded into position........ they are currently nearly opposite each other on the chassis.

Ive had my tape measure out and if i leave the t/box mount where it is and alter the other mount....... so the props remain the same........ the g/box levers are around 3" further forward than i think they should be. Would this because im using a TD5 seatbox and G/box tunnel?

really starting to scratch my head now.

one the + side ......... ive fitted the new rear quater chassis :rolleyes:


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Got the V8 in today. Sort of. The front mounts are as previous post. The gear box mounting holes in chassisare the same as 4 pot LT77 (not the actual mounts). They lined up perfectly.

But the seat box didn't. By using skill, dexterity, judgment, and engine crane and 3 ton trolley jack I managed to bend the front of the seat box forward by about 1" (and jam up the transfer box linkage). Obviously seat boxes differ, I intend to make 'adjustments' with a cutting disk.

Best of luck

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so props are different???...................

where do i get lt85 g/box mounts from??? and will they bolt to the exsisting chassis holes?

2.5 vs V8 mounts, both near side (sorry about the carp quality):



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