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disco rear spring or 90 rear spring

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i'm in the middle of putting the disco rear axle on to my 90 was thinking of putting the disco rear springs on as the a bit taller with some +2" shocks as well.

didnt know weather there going to be too strong to give me full travel when cross axled

thay would be good for the towing side. but i have been doing so much better this year with my RTVing i dont want to be at a disadvantage.

what you you all think, disco spring or keep with the 90 springs

also would it work putting +2" shocks on without a lift( i was going to fix the top of the spring).

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If they are standard Discovery Springs you may actually find they are softer than the standard 90 springs.

I have just replaced the standard Green/brown ANR3447 Discovery springs with Defender NRC9448 Blue/reds as they are about 10Lb/in harder than the Discovery springs but approximately the same free length.

Data taken from Here


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