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DIY Staun beadlock fitting

filthy boy

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Some people have had difficulties installing these so I thought I would share todays experience of mounting some 37 x 12.5 BFG Krawlers on 17 x 9 aluminium rims with Staun beadlocks. These are the latest version with the tyre valve on a separate air channel. Didn't have the correct length valve channel as they come in 3 lengths to suit different rim widths and we really need the longest, but these ones work and are just harder to fit as there is less to tuck under the tyre bead.

Tools required:

1 patio

rubber mat to protect rim

blocks of wood, 2x2 in this case

2 tyre levers

2 "third hands" (the yellow things in the photos)

bead lubricant

compressor (little 12 volt one for me)

Here is rim with inner bead on, on rubber mat with tyre supported about 6" so I can reach inside it



Feed the inner bead of the Staun over the rim



Drop the tyre down a couple of inches so the inner tyre bead drops away and gives more space to insert the inner tube.

This is the valve flap. Fit this being careful to get the inner tube out from under it! Bit fiddly but no real problem.


Now fit the outer bead with the levers, third hand tool is fantastic! Tyre lube helps the bead on but makes the levers slip off more easily. Using the great named Super Slick 'em. Probably has a multitude of uses and smells a bit citrusy!



Being careful not to pick up the Staun liner with the tip of the lever. Finish at the valve and make sure the channel is lying properly (easier with the longer one!).


Use the beadlock to seat the bead. Inflate to required pressure and away you go!

First 1 took 45 minutes, second 1 just under 30.


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