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Morning everyone,

i finaly got my land rover 90 MOT'd after its build. it was one of the rolling chassis that used to be in the Gaydon motor museum so i all nice and shiney. I had a lot of bother getting the engine running correctly as the previous owner hadnt kept the engine mothballed (no oil or anything in the block) and the head wasnt torqued, etc.. anyway i took it out for a test drive the other day in the forest an the engine keeps overheating straight away, has anyone got any suggestions?

i have changed the thermostat valve, whats the best way to trace a fault like this? are water pumps prone to not working?

its an 1986 TD


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May sound obvious,

but have you checked the coolant level? - I solved a recent overheating problem by adding 2L of fresh coolant.

The truck (87 2.5TD) had been running fine for the two months I'd had it previously to this and started overheating for no obvious reason. I just overlooked checking the coolant level while I was busy doing the 'important' jobs like brakes, timing belt, lights, etc, etc.

Having recently had an 2.5TD coolant pump in bits I'm pretty sure that as long as the fan belt is tight enough and the pulley turns freely then there is not much that can go wrong with it. I would be looking at an air lock in the system or blocked ways in the block, head or rad and would give the system a flush with clean water - still for the cost of a gasket it would be worth having the pump off for a look-see, its hardly a big job.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks D.

It could well be an air lock, as teh fluid just isnt moving around the block! i guess the best way to sort out an air lock is to loosen off one of the pipes and see if any air escapes?

failing that the block must be blocked.


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